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Tech tip: How to travel safely


Cheryl Nelan

Cheryl Nelan

President, CMIT Solutions




With so many of us traveling during the spring and summer months, our mobile devices are must haves to keep in touch and pass the time. It’s crucial that while traveling, we’re careful to protect our data while using our phones, tablets and laptops.

Here are some quick tech tips to help keep your information safe this travel season:

Be cautious of shared Wi-Fi without a password

Free Wi-Fi sounds great, but it leaves your devices at risk of being hacked. Don’t log into a Wi-Fi network that isn’t password protected. And for public Wi-Fi access, it’s always best to hold off on accessing sensitive information until you’re sure that it is secure. But if you do have to work, stay away from files and sites that contain sensitive data.

Double check before installing apps

Traveling often entices us to download apps to make things we need more accessible, like downloading a bank app, systems you use for work, or even local travel information. Make sure that the app is secure by only downloading apps from your provider’s app store.

Don’t open anything from someone you don’t know

As with email, if you get a text message from an unknown sender, don’t open it! Delete the text message right away. My favorite rule of thumb is to breathe for 30 seconds and think before you click any links in an email or a text. It is often enough time for you to realize something is fishy and stop—because clicking is usually what gets you in trouble.

Mobile devices can be a fun way to pass the time while traveling and a necessary tool to keep in contact with the office. This summer, don’t feel as though you have to turn your phone off and revert to a flip phone. Just use some of these tips to keep your information safe.

Cheryl Nelan is the owner of CMIT Solutions of Monroe, which provides IT support to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Rochester NY area.

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