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artsculture Photography by Jones Hendershot

On display at the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center is Photography by Jones Hendershotz

Hendershot explores the senses, the way we are able to truly hear a piece of music when our eyes are closed and we shut out the distraction of sight to focus on sound.art2

“Every waking moment, our senses are bombarded from all directions, with everything competing for our attention,” says Hendershot. “Often the loudest, brightest, most colorful, most blatant obscures the simplicity that contains the meaning.”

Hendershot puts his photographs in black and white rather than color in order to “reduce the scene to its constituent tonal values and shapes,” he says. “We become so desensitized to simplicity that this distilling of an image almost begins to shift it toward the abstract.”

Our senses are constantly in use, but in order to see the true form and discover the deeper meaning behind a piece of music or art, ridding distractions are a necessity, according to Hendershot.

“Visual simplicity excites me because its authenticity brings me closer to a state of truth,” he says.

On display through June 30. muccc.org

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