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DOT prepares for work on two canal bridges

DOT prepares for work on two canal bridges

Fairport Lift Bridge Photo courtesy of Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.
Fairport Lift Bridge
(Photo courtesy of Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.)

The state Department of Transportation will change the timeline for rehabilitating the Erie Canal Lift Bridge in Fairport as a result of community concerns.

The $13.7 million investment will extend the service life of the canal bridges along Route 250 in the Village of Fairport and Route 259 in the Village of Spencerport. The historic Fairport lift bridge was originally scheduled to close the first week of July 2019 and remain closed until the summer of 2020, arguably Fairport’s busiest time of the year.

As a result of discussions with community leaders and residents in both villages, the state DOT has agreed to close the Route 250 bridge in Fairport no earlier than September 3, 2019. Additionally, following discussions with residents and village officials in Spencerport, the DOT will change the alignment of the north and southbound approach of the Route 259 bridge to improve visibility and sight distance for motorists.

Adjusting the timeline for the Fairport lift bridge will benefit local business owners and summer tourism by alleviating the impact of the closure down to one summer or festival season rather than two, DOT officials said in a statement this week.

The closure date for the Route 259 bridge has not been altered, but discussions with village officials are ongoing.

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