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Mathew Devine’s childhood experience gave him a unique appreciation for medicine

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Dr. Mathew Devine

When Mathew Devine, D.O, was 2 years old, he contracted bacterial meningitis. The disease is no longer common, thanks to a vaccine created in Rochester in 1977, but it was plenty scary for families at the time. In the short term, the illness affected his memory, so Devine had to learn to walk and talk for a second time. However, despite losing hearing in one ear, he largely escaped the more devastating effects of the disease.

What he gained from the unexpected experience was a unique appreciation for medicine. “Looking back on that time, I have fond memories of my childhood pediatrician, Dr. Donald Frank, who spent countless hours caring for me during my illness and thereafter,” says Devine, 41, who serves as associate medical director of Highland Family Medicine.

Devine, of Brighton, joined the University of Rochester Medical Center after completing a residency and fellowship there in 2009. An empathetic, excellent physician, he is regarded as one of the most competent physicians practicing at Highland Hospital. Devine also serves as medical director of Accountable Health Partners and associate professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

“He is a clear communicator, listens well, and is highly regarded by the physicians and administrators that are part of the network,” says Robert McCann, M.D., chief of medicine at Highland Hospital. “Matt always keeps patients first and this makes him very effective as he helps physicians alter their practice and take on continuous practice improvement.”

Devine has revitalized the quality improvement committee at Highland Family Medicine and completed a five-year quality improvement strategic plan. At the same time, he has an active clinical practice that focuses on outpatient primary care and osteopathic manipulative medicine, as well as inpatient adult medicine.

“He is an outstanding clinician with up-to-date knowledge, a true biopsychocial approach, and the utmost respect for the unique needs of each patient,” says Thomas Campbell, M.D., chair of the department of family medicine.

Never missing an opportunity to provide hands-on care, Devine is the perfect role model for residents and medical students. He has received several prestigious teaching awards that validate his skills as a clinician. For example, in 2010, he was honored with the Family Medicine Clinician of the year award. Five years later, he also was named to the Rochester Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list.

Devine’s personal involvement in working toward the best health outcomes possible is evident in his approach to providing care to his patients. On one occasion, recalls Trilby de Jung, chief executive officer of Common Ground Health, Devine announced that he needed to shorten a meeting to make a home visit during his lunch hour to assist a homebound person and his family.

“He organized his team and brought all items needed, including flu vaccine, for the entire family and creatively overcame the barriers of a challenging situation,” de Jung says.

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