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Mothersell works diligently to minimize readmissions

Management (hospitals) honoree

No one knows better than Jeff Mothersell just how critical it is to a patient’s health and recovery to have a smooth transition from the hospital to their home.

Jeff Mothersell

Jeff Mothersell

Mothersell, 55, is director of care management and social work at Unity Hospital. As a member of a care management team comprised of social workers and nurses, he helps to assess the needs of patients and their families in an effort to determine and coordinate the most effective post-hospitalization treatments. He and his colleagues are compassionate professionals who tirelessly advocate and facilitate changes to improve the quality and continuum of care available to patients.

“Jeff handles every interaction with patients, family members, and staff with compassion and integrity, and is a role model to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him,” says Jennifer Gales, vice president and chief nursing officer at Unity Hospital. “Jeff is highly respected among his peers as someone who can handle even the most difficult circumstances. He has the gift of seeing beyond the challenge at hand, and understanding what the patient and family is going through.”

Perhaps Mothersell’s most lasting impact is the leadership he has provided to the care management and social work teams at Unity Hospital. This department is at the forefront of helping patients and families with the emotional and logistical challenges of planning for discharge. “Their work impacts a patient’s quality of life long after they leave the hospital,” Gales says. “The job is not easy, but this team has thrived under Jeff’s leadership.”

In 2013, Mothersell, along with members of Unity’s Business Transformation Management Group, the hospital’s clinical leadership, and acute inpatient social work team, set out to find a better way to solve a fundamental challenge all hospitals face: how to reduce length of stay and minimize the occurrence of readmissions among high-risk patients. They were guided by a sincere belief they could do better.

As a leading member of this multidisciplinary team, Mothersell and his colleagues developed the High-Risk for Extended-Stay Action Response Team, a program focusing on identifying patients at the time of admission who are at risk for longer in-patient lengths of stay. Since implementing new recommendations, the program has provided financial and operational benefits to the hospital, and allowed for improved patient care, and outcomes. With the help of Mothersell, Unity Hospital continues to work diligently to improve reductions in unnecessary patient lengths of stay, and readmissions.

“Jeff possesses a remarkable ability to assess a situation, evaluate alternatives, and make sound recommendations to the team,” says Sheri Faggiano, associate chief nursing officer at Unity Hospital. “He is a true advocate and resource to his team and the entire organization.”

Mothersell gives the credit to the people with whom he works. “We interact and partner with a talented nursing leadership group with caring, compassionate, direct care staff who create memorable moments for our patients and families each and every day,” he says. “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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