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Hanna finds success through highly praised home care service

Management (long-term care) honoree

Friends and associates of Thomas Hanna Jr., president and chief financial officer of All-American Home Care, describe him as a true son of Rochester who has dedicated his life to the advancement of local people and the community at large.

Thomas Hanna Jr.

Thomas Hanna Jr.

In 2015, Hanna founded Rochester-based All-American Home Care, a full-service, personal assistance program home care agency serving 18 counties throughout Upstate New York. Recognized as an innovator in the industry, Hanna established the successful business while still meeting the considerable responsibilities of raising six children in Webster, where he lives with his wife, Karis.

All-American Home Care serves as a partner and trusted advocate for seniors and those with disabilities who are striving for independent lifestyles and a better quality of life in their communities. This service allows clients to make better decisions, keeping them in their own homes and allowing for greater autonomy and independence.

“Our clients are all struggling with something, but we are determined to help each one live his or her best life,” Hanna says. “You can’t do that by peddling pre-packaged services. Instead, we go to the patient’s home. We get to know them and learn their needs. Then, we react, and that has made all the difference in the world.”

The organization serves more than 200 seniors and individuals who have disabilities in the greater Rochester region. Client satisfaction – demonstrated by a nearly 100 percent retention rate – reflects the tremendous success of the firm. In a few short years, company revenue has soared to $18 million.

With a deep desire to care for people, Hanna acted on his vision for a new way to provide home care services, says David Robertson, founder of Linchpin Strategy in Rochester. “He responded to an urgent need for a better level of compassionate care for seniors and individuals with disabilities through a truly people-focused approach,” Robertson says.

Prior to starting All-American Home Care, Hanna, 50, was president of Sunnking, a recycling company in Rochester. “It was here that I was first exposed to Tom’s management abilities, and saw that he was brought in to improve the operations of the business as it had been struggling,” says Paul Kaiser, vice president of the New York Business Development Corp. “Tom improved the profitability of the organization, drove revenues with new revenue channels and essentially got the company on solid financial footing…”

Hanna’s strong management of All-American Health Care has allowed the company to grow and flourish, says Mark Armbruster, president of Armbruster Capital. “His ability to build a team, manage daily operations, and keep a sharp eye on finances has led to unprecedented success,” Armbruster says. “Despite the impressive growth achieved to date, Tom’s leadership continues to drive even greater revenue growth, profitability, and has been a source of significant job creation in Rochester.

“Tom has a strong record of successful management in the health care industry, he has contributed significantly to the local economy, and he’s a heck of a nice person.”

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