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A leader in orthopedic care, Lincoln stresses collaboration at Geneva

Management (hospitals) honoree

Those who work closely with Kara Lincoln describe her as an incredible leader and manager who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the patients, families and staff members she encounters through her work at Finger Lakes Health.

Kara Lincoln

Kara Lincoln

Lincoln, 35, is the Joint Center Program Manager at Geneva General Hospital. She received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in 2003, and then a master of physical therapy degree in 2005 and doctor of physical therapy in 2007 from Utica College.

Lincoln is described by those who know her an extremely committed, dedicated, and driven leader. She is passionate about orthopedic care and delivering the best experience to patients and their families at Joint Center of the Finger Lakes. She consistently strives to provide exceptional service, and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge and diverse, broad skill set. She leads with purpose and a clear vision.

Since her arrival at Finger Lakes Health in 2011, Lincoln has accepted an increasing level of job responsibility, developed new leadership skills, and helped grow a service line that is of strategic importance to the health system.  She accomplished all of this through effective, two-way communication, collaborative interpersonal relationships, and an unusual creativity in solving problems.

Lincoln leads a department that consistently meets or exceeds established national benchmarks and outcome measurements, including patient satisfaction. She has been instrumental in creating collaborative processes with other departments to reduce wait times and improve bed utilization and team productivity. She recently led a team that achieved a significant reduction in blood transfusions improving patient care and reducing cost.

In addition, Lincoln values professional development, says her direct supervisor, Eileen Gage, vice president of nursing. In fact, she continually invests her own time and energy into the pursuit of learning more and becoming better at what she does.

“She seeks new knowledge, new experiences, and is very receptive to mentoring,” Gage says. “In recognition of her leadership and management skill, Kara was the 2017 recipient of the James J. Dooley Leadership Excellence Award. This honor is given to a Finger Lakes Health manager or director who demonstrates outstanding leadership and achieves organizational results.”

Lincoln also was selected to receive scholarship funding to attend the Academy for Healthcare Leadership Advancement, sponsored by Healthcare Association of New York State and Cornell University. It appears she is doing exactly what she was meant to do.

“I chose to work in a health care setting to provide hope in an optimistic, confident and joyful manner to those in need,” says Lincoln, of Clifton Springs, Ontario County. “I accomplish this by voluntarily putting effort into difficult, but, worthwhile problems which need to be overcome.  I focus on success one day at a time.”

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