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Geneseo president announces dean shift

Geneseo president announces dean shift

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More than a week after many faculty members at the State College of New York at Geneseo and some students learned that the dean of business had been removed during winter break, the president has announced the change in leadership.

Geneseo President Denise A. Battles issued an announcement today (Friday, Jan. 12) saying that “Dr. Denise Rotondo is no longer serving as dean of the School of Business and has assumed the role of professor in that school.”

Battles announced that two other administrators will take over leadership, with Dr. Ken Kallio, interim association provost for personnel and diversity, taking on day-to-day operation of the School of Business, and Provost Stacey Robertson working with faculty and staff to appoint an interim dean and plan for long-term leadership of the school.

“I appreciate the three-and-a-half-years of service by Dr. Rotondo,” Battles said.

Rotondo was not immediately available for comment.