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Two out-of-state articles praise Finger Lakes region

The Finger Lakes region made a splash on both coasts last week, earning rave reviews in the Los Angeles Times and the Tampa Bay Times.

Both articles highlighted the region’s wineries, praising the quality of wines — and not just the Rieslings — and took in other attractions as well, such as Watkins Glen State Park and local inns from Newark and Geneva to the Ithaca area.

LA Times writer Margo Pfeiff called the region “an old-world, unhurried and unpretentious oasis of nature, culture, cuisine and world-class wine.” http://latimes.com/travel/la-tr-ny-finger-lakes-20171001-story.html

The article in the Tampa Bay Times,  http://www.tampabay.com/features/travel/new-york-wine-country-sips-and-scenery-in-the-finger-lakes/2339744 meanwhile, was actually produced by the Associated Press, so it may run in any number of member newspapers and has already run in US News and World Report.

The AP’s Sally Carpenter Hale noted that the area is relatively traffic-free: “Having battled the heavy traffic in more well-known wine regions on the West Coast, we were pleased to find few cars on the road when we visited in July and were able to walk right up to the tasting bars.” Finding an Uber ride to her bed-and-breakfast after visiting the popular Finger Lakes Wine Festival in Watkins Glen, however, took a little more patience.

L.A. Times’ Pfeiff also marveled at the ease of traveling in the area, describing her only traffic hiccup as waiting behind a horse-drawn Amish wagon that halted for passing cars before turning left. Her trip included visits to the Moosewood Restaurant and Cornell University’s Herbert F.  Johnson Museum of Art, both in in Ithaca, and a glider ride over the Elmira area.



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  1. Oh no! The beginning of the end for the Finger Lakes! Now we’ll be knee deep in refugees from Napa!

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