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City to demolish 175 vacant homes

Mayor Lovely Warren

Mayor Lovely Warren

In an effort to repair communities impacted by blighted properties, the City of Rochester has vowed to level every home on its “Demolition List” by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2018. The effort coincides with a $1.5 million  grant to the city’s Land Bank to rehabilitate vacant housing for purchase by first-time homeowners.

LIST: View a PDF of the full list of homes to be demolished

“Vacant and blighted properties blemish the very streets we are trying to revive, bringing down home values, quality of life and the morale of the neighborhood,” Mayor Lovely Warren said, in a statement. “I am proud to announce that we plan to tear down all 175 houses on the City’s current demolition list by the end of the current fiscal year. In doing so, we are making our neighborhoods more vibrant, which will help us create more jobs and better educational opportunities.”

The 175 homes on the list have been deemed too far gone for repair, whether it be from presence of asbestos and lead or being focal points for criminal or drug activity. The new demolition effort will tack on an extra $1.2 million to the demolition fund for fiscal year 2017, effectively doubling the original $1.2 million budget. This allocation of funds will go in front of City Council in September.

Since 2014, the Land Bank has built six new homes, rehabilitated 86 homes, sold 16 blighted properties with obligation to rehabilitate by the buyers and subsidized the cost of 32 demolitions.


  1. Where can the list of homes slated for demolition be found?

  2. Very interesting. Is there a report available of which properties will be demolished as part of the program?

  3. We have added a PDF showing the full list of homes to be demolished to the story.

  4. We have added a PDF showing the full list of homes to be demolished to the story.

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