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Attorney general announces legal action against Apex Construction owner

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced commencement of legal action against Brian Robinson, owner of Apex Construction, for allegedly pilfering $24,000 from 34 Rochester-area customers.

The lawsuit claims that Robinson consistently demanded either full or partial payment upfront for snow plowing and home improvement projects that ultimately were done unprofessionally and poorly, or simply not completed altogether. Additionally, upon receiving complaints from customers, Robinson allegedly promised customers refunds that were never paid. The $24,000 is valued as the cost of payments for work not received, as well as the cost of repair for poor workmanship.

If found guilty, Robinson faces a total of $175,000 in fines on top of restitution to the wronged customers. Additionally, Robinson would be barred from taking any advanced payment for future projects, pending the payment of a $100,000 bond.

“New Yorkers who spend their hard-earned money to hire a contractor deserve to have the work fully completed and handled with care—not tricked into paying for services they will never receive,” Schneiderman said, in a statement from the Attorney General’s office. “My office won’t hesitate to take action against crooked contractors and ensure that New Yorkers are protected from fraud.”

Robinson is scheduled to appear in court in front of New York State Supreme Court Justice Ann Marie Taddeo on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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