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A place of mysticism here helping people for years

Sixteen years ago, Julie Baliva felt it was time to share her lifelong passion of metaphysical arts with others. Located at 115 Park Ave. in Rochester, Mystic Moon offers its customers professional tarot card readings, astrological insight, energy healing, hand-made mystical products and more.

Baliva says she’s had a strong connection to the universe ever since she was born. She notes that when she was a child, she could remember past lives and sense other people’s energy easily. As Baliva grew older, though her talent frightened her, she attempted to live an “average” life as a young adult. She attended Nazareth College, worked corporate jobs, and eventually owned a restaurant. However, Baliva’s normal life took a turn in 1992 when her house burned down, and since then she has embraced her skills to try to better herself and others.

“I took that as the universe saying, ‘you need to work for us now,’” Baliva said while discussing the fire.

Baliva has worked the shop on her own since Mystic Moon opened. Apart from managing her store, she mentors those who also feel that they possess metaphysical talent. She has made strong connections with people from all over the world due to her phone readings, which she says make up about one-third of her business.

When asked if she thinks she has improved the Park Ave community, Baliva said, “Of course I have, absolutely…I know I’ve helped a lot of people.”

Baliva adores her location on one of Rochester’s most-visited strips, and this past Park Ave festival was a success for Mystic Moon.

“When I wasn’t working the shop I was standing out front. I had people come up to me to hug me, kiss me, thank me and tell me that I changed their lives,” she said.

Baliva manages to keep her store running smoothly despite handling all the business she receives herself. She has had multiple opportunities to expand, but is content with her small business. She is happy with how much she has accomplished in her time at Mystic Moon and plans to continue assisting others for as long as possible.

As for whether Rochester is a welcoming community for the healing arts, Baliva said the city has been “very, very welcoming…Rochester has been very loyal. It’s expanded tremendously in the 16 years I’ve been here.”

Baliva is grateful to the city of Rochester and her customers for being there for her as much as she has been there for them. She loves her job and devotes her time to using her business to do good.

“As many years as I’ve done this, it never ceases to amaze me,” Baliva said.

Elaina Conant is a Rochester Business Journal intern.


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