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Apple of your pie

This is going to sound pretty un-American. I’m good with motherhood, but I don’t like apple pie. Apples, applesauce and variety of apple drinks, but apple pie, meh. Actually, I don’t like pie—pumpkin to cherry to mincemeat—period. Just give me the a la mode.

Still, I know a lot of people love apple pie and a farm in Williamson, the Wayne County town known as “The Core of Apple Country,” last month received kudos for its offering.

At a fall-themed media event in New York City, 50 attendees from media publications were asked to taste and vote on their favorite apple pie or apple crisp, submitted by the different regions of New York.

The winner was a caramel apple pecan pie from Lagoner Farms, a fifth-generation, century farm near Lake Ontario.

Mitzi Lagoner says a lot of effort and pride goes into each of their pies.

“I was up early in the morning peeling the apples, making the crust and crumb top from scratch, and drizzling on the caramel topping—and that was before I found out the pie was being entered into a contest,” she says.

After marrying into the Lagoner family, Mitzi became the driving force behind the bakery at Lagoner Farms and making everything from scratch.

Lagoner Farms is also the site of Embark Craft Ciderworks, which creates hard cider using apples from the farm.

Thanks for joining me

Nearly any newspaper column involves sharing a little bit of the writer’s personal life with readers. Since Feb. 3, 2006, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing an array of big and small events with the readers who share their precious time with me each week.

You’ve read about my favorite beverages and foods, my dog and a slew of pet peeves. You’ve witnessed no small number of political jibes and a fair amount of poking at folks who take themselves a bit too serious. And each holiday season you allowed me to let loose my inner Dr. Seuss when I presented my Christmas rhyming lines of type, that many seem to like but some likely consider tripe.

The goal of this column has been to provide some amusement, some news and some things that are interesting but don’t fit well in other parts of the newspaper. Some items have ticked off some people—we expected that when we revived the column after nearly a decade. More than anything I hope it did not bore you.

This is the final edition of the Loop for me as the column goes on hiatus coinciding with my departure today after nearly 21 years at the Rochester Business Journal. Thank you for sharing your time with me over the years.

—Mike Dickinson

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