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Bucket List

Many people in Rochester—particularly young people—already have notched a checkmark next to an item in a new bucket-list book.

“100 Things to Do in America Before You Die” features a Rochester-only activity: “Find your favorite toy at the Toy Hall of Fame.”loop-book-photo

The book offers suggestions on what to do and where to go, highlighting the best this country has to offer, Reedy Press explains. The book was written by Bill Clevlen, a broadcaster and national travel writer based in St. Louis.

It includes trivia questions on every page, such as: “Q: What is so unique about the original Monopoly board on display at the National Museum of Play? A: The early version of Monopoly was in the shape of a circle.”

The book is about experiences and not just destinations, officials say. For example, instead of just visiting Mount Rushmore, the book suggests people eat Thomas Jefferson ice cream there. Jefferson was the first person to record an ice cream recipe in the U.S. Thanks, Tom!

Have a ball

Speaking of the Strong, the museum will have a bit more bounce starting June 24.

Have a Ball—an original exhibit—rolls visitors through the history of the ball and allows them to discover the importance of ball play as a universal social, cultural and human experience.

Visitors can view iconic artifacts—including the ball that gave baseball legend Willie Mays his 3,000th hit (courtesy of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown)—and test their skills at physical and virtual ball-inspired activities.

The history of ball games from around the world is presented in five zones—Kick, Roll, Bounce, Throw and Have a Ball Arcade. A couple of examples: In Kick, you can step into a life-sized billiards game and use your feet to maneuver balls around the table and kick them into the pockets; and in Roll, you can drive remote-controlled balls through a series of tracks, tunnels and ramps at the 18-foot Sphero Robot Park.

Maybe former host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart will swing by. Back in 2009, as reported in the Loop then, the museum was featured in a spot on the popular comedy show when he poked fun at the recent hall of fame selections.

In the roughly three-minute sketch, he bemoaned that it took the ball a decade to receive hall of fame status. And he took “offense” that its selection came after induction of the stick and the cardboard box.

“Get your heads out of your garbage plates and pay attention!” he shouted.

Ball’s time definitely has come, as it emerges from stick’s shadow and box’s shade with an exhibit of its own.

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