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RBJ Snap Poll: Majority slams Trump’s first 100 days

President Donald Trump hits the 100th day of his presidency on Saturday – and a majority of RBJ Snap Poll respondents have not liked the start of the Trump administration.

The 100-day milestone has become a key juncture in a new president’s tenure that receives much attention, perhaps even more so given the scrutiny being paid to the Trump presidency.

Like most presidents, the 45th U.S. president arrived in the White House after having made an array of goals and promises while campaigning. Some of Trump’s measures could be implemented via executive order. Others need congressional approval. His efforts have encountered consistently strong opposition from Democrats and sporadic opposition on the Republican side.

Back in October, before his election, then-presidential candidate Trump laid out a 100-Day Action Plan, NPR reported this week. He called it his “Contract With the American Voter.”

Among other things, it called for the full repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, suspension of immigration from certain “terror-prone regions” and the lifting of “roadblocks” to let “infrastructure projects like the Keystone Pipeline move forward,” NPR reported.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents gave Trump a failing grade, including 41 percent who gave him an F. Roughly 35 percent gave the president an A or a B.

More than 1,000 participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted on April 25 and 26.

What grade do you give President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office?

A         15%

B          20%

C          8%

D         16%

F          41%

President Trump is the first president that I know who is actively and aggressively follow(ing) through with his campaign promises, regardless if you like or dislike his promises. Most of the other presidents had the talk and then broken promises. Finally, we have a president who has backbone to stand up to the rascals of the world and show real leadership. We need a president that leads, not just follow the poll numbers manipulated by the media.

—Patrick Ho

Failed to keep a single meaningful promise, failed to own any responsibility for his (lack of viable) actions and missteps. Governing is hard, and he presumed it would be easy— oops! Poor adviser choices, claiming to drain the swamp while deepening the mess? Oops (times) 2.

—Dave Vanable, Honeoye Falls

Trump is doing great considering the Democrats, some Republicans and the biased, corrupt, leftist media are fighting him at every turn.

—John Rynne

If the liberal blockade lead by Schumer and Pelosi could be broken, Trump would have an A plus.  ever before has there been such a sour grape childish tantrum on display in Washington as there is today with liberals. Schumer and Pelosi are an embarrassment and disgrace. Schumer’s animation makes him look like some marionette with his strings being pulled by the far left wingnuts. Schumer is an embarrassment to New York State, and an obstruction to American democracy.

—Michael Higgins

What has he done except insult world leaders whose support we need, irritate the loony “leader” in North Korea and cause even more strife within our government? His style is frighteningly erratic.

—Karyl Friedman

Do you think the founding fathers anticipated the delays and obstructions demonstrated by our 21st century legislative branch? President Trump has many great ideas, and has worked seven days a week since inauguration, only to be stalled and befuddled by our do-nothing representatives and senators.     Too bad the authors of the Constitution did not include term limits for both houses. Congress hobbles along while the president sprints!

—Tom Shea, Thomas P. Shea Agency Inc.

While one can easily understand legitimate frustration with a self-serving political system, the solution is not throwing an electoral tantrum in the form of an amoral, incompetent, emotionally unstable, angry man. We need reform and improvement. We do not need chaos.

—Carlos Mercado

Considering the Democrats working to obstruct his every move and less than enthusiastic Republican support—I think he’s done magnificent.

—Tom Wahl Jr.

Full disclosure, I did not vote for Donald Trump. That being said, I gave him a grade of D, primarily because of his constant lies, including lies told by the White House staff. Yes, most politicians bend the truth, but Mr. Trump has taken lying to a whole new level, never seen before. I’m raising this issue because it is so important. How can anyone believe what the president of the USA says is truthful when 71% of everything he says is a lie? President Obama had his faults, but lying was not one of them. Boy, do I miss Barack Obama. The only accomplishments Trump has had is the Supreme Court appointment, and that is largely due to Mitch McConnell’s efforts. I’d like to tell Donald Trump that he’s fired, but this isn’t reality TV.

—Peter Bonenfant, Fairport

Those may have been his goals, but the majority of the country did not vote for him, as we opposed those goals. Stripping the middle class and poor people of their human right to education, health care, rights to choose plus approving projects that harm the country’s water, land and people are irresponsible. One wonders how much money he has invested in the Keystone Pipeline project, but since he was untruthful about showing his tax returns “once in office” and about divesting his businesses, we don’t really know if it’s a conflict of interest. A truthful person would want to clear his name. He gets an F.

—Ellen Buck

On the one hand, we should be relieved that he hasn’t accomplished virtually anything he outlined in his 100-Day Action Plan. However, because of his bombast and gross ignorance about how government, domestic policy, the economy and international diplomacy work, he has exacerbated the division within the U.S., instigated instability in relations with our international partners, and is goading unstable and bellicose nations into frightening shows of force—all the while continuing to enrich himself and his children at the taxpayer’s expense.

—Christine Corrado

Never in history have we seen such incompetence, civil rights abuses and ethical integrity issues in such a short time. A disaster for everyone in the U.S., compounded by an assault on facts and science.

—Lee Drake, CEO, OS-cubed

Not an F because the Buy American/Hire American initiative is a very positive move. Other than that, it’s not so much his politics as it is his character that is the reason for the low grade. It is hard to be supportive of an individual who is as self-promotional, vindictive and unethical as Trump.

—Albert C. Cabral

I think he is doing a great job.

—Jerry McCabe, Irondequoit

While it is important to continuously review progress toward goals, the 100-day review of a president’s administration will always be used by opponents to criticize him and proponents to compliment him. The founders of our country purposely made it difficult and often lengthy for the government to institute change. I feel the mid-term elections will be the true measure of the grade given by the American people.

—Charlie Waldman

There are no perfect policies and no perfect plans. There will always be someone who disagrees, but what President Trump has done is generate conversation and action. I believe his presidency is about changing the status quo, shaking up the political landscape. We all know the old adage about continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results being insanity.  … Our country needed a change. Even the things he is doing that have been done by many presidents before him are being looked at different and that is good. I don’t agree with all of his decisions. I don’t agree with many things he says or how he says them and I don’t have to; it’s the beauty of America. But, I give him an A for getting people out of their seats to take action: Whether it be for him or against him, people are getting up.

—Andrew Claus

I think he was totally unprepared for the highest office in our land. This was born out by his difficulty in staffing the many federal government departments. I can only hope that he begins to try and operate a government for the people.

—Al Schnucker

A+. He’s done more in 100 days than Obama in eight years! I don’t know why everyone is rushing him though … plenty of time to get things done!

—Joe Dattilo

Mr. Trump has behaved like a megalomaniac at best, a dangerous psychotic at his worst. He is erratic and unpredictable—very dangerous behavior for the leader of the free world. His actions related to the environment and climate change, and various appointees to his cabinet demonstrate that he has no compassion or interest in the well-being of the vast majority of the American people. Every time he does anything that has the slightest redeeming quality (like the bombing of Syria, ineffectual though it was), he soon thereafter pulls another blunder that makes me shake my head. I pray that we will survive his presidency.

—Anthony W. Perrone, Fairport

When this man was elected president, I was more embarrassed than disappointed. His conduct since the inauguration has been a continued embarrassment and has served to justify my initial feelings. He is an incapable and irrational leader, potentially a traitor to the United States, and his actions/policies thus far appear to appeal to the worst of his base. I find it highly unlikely he will deliver on his promises of jobs to the middle class voters of the Rust Belt who ultimately got him elected. The sooner that most sane Trump voters admit they were duped and made a horrible mistake, the sooner we can all move on.

—Tom Niles, EFPR Group

Mr. Trump has discovered that there is a huge difference between his world, of mega business dealings and the growth and management of his fiscal empire, and the responsibility for effectively governing and leading those who have been elected to govern. Mel Heller, University of Loyola at Chicago, has been quoted as saying that the true test of leadership is followership. And Mr. Trump has no effective followership.

—David Ackroyd, retired educator

We are fortunate that Trump has been so hapless and ignorant, because he could have done far more damage than he has. We’ve probably never had a worse president; certainly we’ve never had a president with worse moral character.

—James Leunk

It should be clear to most by now that President Forrest Trump is a serial liar, who is completely unqualified for the job and may be seriously mentally ill to boot. We are now looking at an escalating nuclear confrontation with the dictator of North Korea, who, unlike the principals in the Cuban missile crisis, is also mentally ill. Domestically, every executive order done has or will hurt working people and average Americans, while helping those that do not need government protection. Trump voters have been hustled and conned, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to admit it. As President Forrest Trump would say: Sad, Sad.

—Jim Bertolone, president emeritus, Rochester & Genesee Valley Labor Federation, AFL-CIO Retired

Whether your affiliation is Republican or Democrat, his assault on the pillars of democracy is appalling.  Attacks on the press, the judiciary and voter rights are deeply troubling. His clear difficulty with the truth and willful disdain for the truth (climate science data anyone?) is also deeply troubling. He and his family have staggering conflicts of interest. These issues should not be party related. Many have become so.  But these issues should be country focused. And on that balance, Trump is a complete failure. The president should move the country forward and together. He has taken us in the exact opposite direction on both counts.

—Rob Hilton, Fairport

45 is a disgrace to this country. He is nothing but an overly vain, narcissistic, stupid, bully man-child. I am embarrassed to be an American and I have never felt more unwelcomed in my own country. I hope that grounds for impeachment are imminent. He is beyond deplorable.

—M. Curtain, Rochester

Taking into consideration that the opposition party has outdone itself by bad mouthing every single action our president has tried to implement, he has done an outstanding job.

—Carl Guth

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