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Drivers Permit Practice Test

Whether You Offer a Drivers Permit Practice Test or Sell Cheeses from Across the Globe,Your Small Business Should Have a Blog


If you are the owner of a small business, you may often wonder how some companies just manage to create an online stir and lots of customer engagement. Why? Well, they probably have a really good blog. Blogging is considered to be more important than social media driven promotions, and more and more businesses are investing and ever-increasing amount of money in creating and maintaining a strong blog.It’s worth checking out company blogs like if you would like to see an effective blog in action.

What’s so great about a blog anyway?
        you may ask. Let’s look at some hard statistics:

  1. A blog can increase the number of leads generated through sales drives by 67%
  2. 81% of consumer read and trust the information provided in blogs
  3. Websites with a blog generate 97% more inbound links
  4. 61% of consumers have gone from reading a blog post to making a purchase
  5. 60% of consumers trust companies with a blog more than those without one.
  6. Small businesses create 126% more sales leads if they run a blog

Even just looking at these stats might have you run to you PC and start a company blog at once. However, let’s just look at some of the underlying reasons for creating and maintaining a company blog:

Making Your Company More Human
Blogs soften and humanize company images. In every post, you can display an aspect of your company personality and of yourself, and allow your customer to get to know you a little better. Going from a rather anonymous entity, your company will then have substance and a rich essence, and customers can relate to it more easily.

Making Your Company More Visible
Blogging increases your online visibility, especially if your blog posts are over 500 words long and contain a number of keywords. You are probably familiar with the concept of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO you can entice search engines like Google to push your company up the display rankings, and soon your company may be top of the list. It’s worth checking out the basic SEO rules and incorporating your newly acquired knowledge when crafting your blog posts. Online visibility is vital, simply because the majority of consumers tend to check out products and services online first, before they consider making a purchase.

Educating Your Customers and Building Trust
Blogs are often quite educational, and you can use post to help potential customers to understand your products and services better. If you provide strong, informative content, consumers will consider you as the go-to source in a particular area of expertise and may very well go on to avail of your products or services. A good example of how an educational post can engage customers and establish you as a reliable source of information is in By making important information available this company has build trust and educated its readers, many of whom are certain to avail of their services.

Promoting Your Products and Services
Though you may not wish to promote your products or services directly in a blog post, there are lots of ways to wrap product and service promotions in an interesting blog post. Companies blog on more general topics and “sneak in” product or service references as a means of promotion.

Generating Leads
Undoubtedly, good blogs generate sales leads and increase revenue, particularly for small businesses. Increased online visibility will produce more clients and the readers of your strong blog are highly likely to become your customers. If for instance, a consumer is swaying between two similar products, provided by two different companies, it’s highly likely that she/he will opt to place the order with the company that has a stronger blog.

Addressing Issues and Problems
Companies can also address important consumer issues in blog posts and may also use blog content to deal with problems associated with their products or services.

Company Blog – You Can’t Do Without One

At this moment in time, it’s difficult to see how any serious company could do without creating and maintaining a strong blog. If you decide to proceed and do just that, remember you will need to blog regularly, preferably more than 16 times per month, to reap the full benefits. Small companies publishing more than 11 blog posts a month had three times more traffic than companies with 0 or 1 post and twice as much traffic as companies who published a post 2-5 times a month.


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