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Most Coveted Bachelor Degree Courses on Offer in US Universities

Completing high school with flying colors is just the first step in establishing a successful career. There is still a long way to go. College life for all its fun and frolic is a critical phase for any student that can either make or break you. Fresh school pass-outs are usually in a dilemma of choosing their next step, i.e. picking a subject to be major in.

Planning to apply in the United States? America offers loads of lucrative and attractive bachelor degree courses for young dropouts in the field of finance, medicine, engineering, and arts. Read on to know more about the various programs and degree courses offered at various US universities: 

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Marketing and advertising are the strongest tools for enhancing the reputation and sales of a product in the market. Marketing increases the credibility and visibility of the product or service by highlighting its features and stating its advantages to the public.

Moreover, with the sudden shift of customer base to the virtual platform, companies all over the world are obsessed with e-marketing. Students can apply for the various marketing course at any of the top US universities to learn about the minute technicalities of planning advertising campaigns for top notch organizations.

Bachelor Degree in Literature

A bachelor degree in literature or any language is the best academic program for students who wish to make a career in arts. Linguists and study of other languages is a traditional academic program among international students, a treasure trove of all the essential intricate and technicalities of any language like English, Spanish, or French, etc.

US universities offer students exclusive linguistic workshops where the well-known businessmen, critics, and scholars are invited to share their knowledge with the students. Best suited to research-oriented students, the Bachelor of Arts degree is often pursued by students who aspire to be teachers or professors. 

Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Engineering 

Architecture and civil engineering is another course very popular in the US universities. If you have an interest in designing buildings, or bridges and other infrastructure, then this is the degree course for you. Pursuing a bachelor degree in architecture is the first step for aspiring architects and engineers whom one day wishes to design their own buildings. Automobile engineering is another field of study that is a rage in US universities that students can pursue.  

Degree in Law

Law is another lucrative career option for fresh high school graduates who are interested in the legal aspect of the country. Students who wish to pursue criminal law and become a lawyer can greatly benefit from the various law related degree courses offered at the US universities. Fresh high school drop outs can opt for a course in either criminal law or domestic law depending on their field of interest.

Medical Degree and Specialisation Courses

A degree in medicine is perhaps among the most coveted courses that students wish to pursue after completing high school. A bachelor degree in medicine is the first step any student has to complete if he/she wants to become a doctor and practice medicine for a living. You can also apply for other specialized medicine related courses such as nursing. Some colleges also offer an integrated program that covers both bachelor and master degrees over a span of 5 years.

Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts   

Performing arts is another course that aspiring actors, dancers, and painters can pursue. The universities in the US also offer students scholarship programs and workshops where they can learn the technicalities of their field and sharpen their natural talent under the guidance of a professional or expert. A bachelor degree in arts is a sure shot way for students to get into the theater and later the mainstream media sector.  

Degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, and Media

Mass communication and electronic media are an active force in the world that can influence and inform the masses. Aspiring journalists, editors, and filmmakers pursue a bachelor degree course in journalism or media studies before they move on to the mainstream specialized master classes. The universities and colleges in the US are well-known for their mass communication courses that cover an extensive number of topics ranging from film direction to editing and news reading.

Degree in Computer Engineering

Owing to the technological advancements, computer engineering, and software engineering has enormous demand in the market today. The universities at the US offer students some of the best B. Tech plans that cover a broad range of courses ranging from software development to web designing, database management, and coding. The bachelor degree course is best suited for tech-savvy high school dropouts who wish to make a career in the information technology (IT) sector.



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