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Upstate New York deserves ridesharing too

Rochester is a vibrant and growing community worthy of ridesharing. Let’s tell lawmakers to bring Uber and Lyft to Upstate New York!

From historical and cultural gems like the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, George Eastman Museum and Susan B. Anthony House to great minor league sports teams such as the Rhinos, restaurants and bars and plenty of local breweries, Rochester offers residents and visitors plenty to see, do and experience. Ridesharing provides safe and reliable access to explore Rochester’s heritage and also what’s trending in downtown Rochester and the region. Not to mention, beyond entertainment, ridesharing provides a lifeline for people who need transportation to make trips to grocery stores, banks, doctors’ appointments and even places of worship. 

Getting around our region should be easier. 

That’s why the Rochester Rhinos and Genesee Brewery as strategic business partners are joining almost a dozen other local businesses, advocacy groups, cultural institutions, elected officials and more than 80 statewide organizations to push for the legalization of ridesharing in Upstate New York. Downstate has ridesharing. Why not Upstate New York?

Imagine not having to worry about parking, filling up your gas tank, cleaning the snow off your car or finding a ride home after an evening out. Let’s make it easier for everyone to enjoy our city. And let’s give people more choices to get home safe from sporting events, restaurants, bars and breweries. 

Lawmakers in 36 states in the nation have already successfully passed legislation to make ridesharing available in communities across their states. Despite the overwhelming support for ridesharing among residents, New York still hasn’t pushed legislation forward to bring it to upstate—only downstate. 

Our question is simple: why not upstate? 

Our residents and visitors deserve transportation options. Ridesharing provides that, as well as many economic benefits for our region. Upstate New York deserves ridesharing too. 

Don’t leave us out! 

Everyone stands to benefit from ridesharing. It’s time to stand together and tell lawmakers to bring ridesharing to Upstate New York.

Mary Beth Popp is director of corporate relations for North American Breweries, Genesee Brewery’s parent company. Mark Washo is chief business officer of the Rochester Rhinos professional soccer club.


2/10/2017 (c) 2017 Rochester Business Journal. To obtain permission to reprint this article, call 585-546-8303 or email rbj@rbj.net.


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