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Readers react to Trump’s election as president

A special RBJ Snap Poll was conducted Wednesday to allow readers to share their thoughts about the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Here are some of the scores of responses.

I am so proud of all of those who chose to put America first!
—Tricia Brady

Shocked and dismayed that America would choose as representative of us, as a people, a man who so blatantly disrespects and maybe even hates anyone different than him. This is not what America is about, in my eyes. It’s about equality and acceptance, and working hard for the things that you want.
—Jacqui Boorman

Fear and sadness that the greatest country on earth elected a politically inexperienced, racist, misogynist bully to the highest office in the land. God save us and the world.
—Rev. Michael Patella, Collegeville, Minn.

No more business as usual. Anything that Mr. Trump can and will accomplish will reflect the hearts of the people, not a political agenda. I’ve always been just an American—today, I’m a proud American!
—Michael D. Tucci

Why are people shocked? Both parties abandoned low- and middle-class white voters years ago. Trump successfully reached them. Clinton did not. They turned out to vote. The world will not end, and America will not slide into the dark ages. Neither would have been my choice, but that is democracy. Time to suck up the loss or the win and do something productive.
—Aaron Hilger, Builders Exchange

Long live the deplorables!
—Paul Moore

Very pleased. America needed to change, now both parties will be forced to change.
—Ted Marks, Dundee

Ecstatic! As a small business owner, I feel like I can be part of making America great again.
—Mark Redding, president,  Poseidon Systems

I’m ashamed and embarrassed for our country.
—Joanne Greene-Blose

Thank heaven for checks and balances.
—Jim Haefner, Pittsford

Relieved the “Clinton Corruption Dynasty” has ended—for now.
—Jim Bongard

I am deeply disappointed in the American people for embracing a person who so publicly exhibits those behaviors, morals, attitudes and treatment of others that we teach our children not to do.
—Dorver Kendig, Webster

Shocked! Now we hope for the best.
—Matt Connolly

Worst nightmare! He has never been in any elected office before. He threatens to dismantle the EPA, lies about nearly everything (per fact checkers), is bigoted and misogynistic. I am in total shock. Lord, help us.
—Marjorie Campaigne

It is now time to unite the country and support our next president. There is much to do, with hard work and challenges ahead for this great nation. Together, Americans are strong and will accomplish what must be done to build a brighter future for generations to come. U.S.A.!
—Karen Sims

I just feel very badly for the message that this presidential election has sent to our children.
—Greg Reynolds, East Rochester

Dismay, anxiety, concern. Domestically, fear that Mr. Trump’s candidacy may have let a genie out the bottle that he won’t be able to control. Internationally, fear of increased suffering among ordinary citizens in areas previously under our protection, and increased likelihood of nuclear weapon use by us or others.
—John Messenger

I am saddened and worried for the well-being of our country and for the precedent this sets for electable attributes.
—Dan Price

Life will go on. At the end of the day, we are all still Americans
—David Wyman, Bond Financial Network

I voted not necessarily for the man, but for change. The time has come; politics as usual must end!
—Beth DeFabio

Political elections are a “people process,” the spin of career politicians, the national press and pollsters demonstrated that they can be bought! I am encouraged that Trump will build a team of capable cabinet members and free the gridlock in Washington, D.C.
—T. Shannon

Great! Drain the swamp! Embarrassed to live in New York.
—Chriss Andrews, Hometowne Energy Co. Inc.

The jury is in! Long live the jury!
—Tom Zimmerman

I am dismayed by the results. But a woman did win the White House yesterday, and her name is Kellyanne Conway. She is the MVP of the election season. She took a Trump campaign that was spiraling downward and brought it and Trump under control and kept to their message. She deserves a lot of credit for pulling off the big upset.
—Kristina Rogers

He was clearly an effective candidate, but will be a disaster as president. None of his touted “skills” transfer at all to leading the world’s most powerful and important country. Further, if he and his colleagues follow through on their campaign rhetoric, there would be a dramatic rollback of so many important social programs that are so critical for the underserved in this country. The specter of increased inequality looms.
—Alan Ziegler, Futures Funding Corp.

Let’s get to work!
—Stuart Small, Pittsford Insurance Agency LLC

The country needs change, and maybe this will wake up some people and spur things to happen. Mr. Trump has already toned down his rhetoric a bit from the campaign, so maybe he’s starting to realize the responsibility he has taken upon his shoulders. The country needs to get behind him now and push forward to “make our country great again.”
—Bill VanAlst, Larsen Engineers

Let’s see what a president with Congress on his side can do. Maybe they will be able to get things done? It will be different.
—Rick Tepedino

Horrifying. A nation divided  by hate, fear and ignorance. Women, minorities and the educated classes all in literal danger. The end of the American experiment with democracy.
—Eve Elzenga, Eve Elzenga Design

Although somewhat of a contradiction, disgusting but hopeful if a move toward unity vs. divisiveness is a result.
—Bill Wynne, Fairport

I am sad and scared for this country. If Trump and the Republican Congress have their way, they will undo much of the social progress that has been made recently. They will continue the lie that science is something that cannot only be ignored, but is a matter of faith, rather than fact. They will impose their Christian version of morality on the entire country. I am also sad for the naive people who voted for Trump because they believed his futile promise of bringing back jobs. I am heartbroken that bullying has been vindicated, and that someone who has made a mockery of our political system is now at the helm.
—Maggie Symington, Rochester

Fear, due to the political, economic and legal uncertainty this election has delivered. Fear of the wild, uncensored and ill-timed emotions of the president-elect’s narcissistic boasting. Fear in his belief that he alone can and will solve the nation’s and the world’s problems. Fear that he will continue to denigrate everyone that doesn’t look like him. And fear that the electorate believes all we need to do is “trust” him to “make America great again.”
—Bill Wyatt

Praise God that progressivism/socialism may have been retarded—for the moment.
—Steve Wichtowski, Honeoye

Shock, anger, outrage, extreme disappointment in a country that can elect such a person as our leader. Fear that we could lose some hard-won rights. As I said to my daughter this morning, though, I am glad that we live in a country where we have a choice and where we are allowed to be critical of our government and to disagree with decisions that are made.
—Debby Emerson

I was voting not for the man particularly, but for the promise that he would appoint conservative justices for the Supreme Court. I expect to get what I wanted, and I am overjoyed!
—Cathy Henn, Better Power Inc.

I pray God gives Mr. Trump the wisdom to be a good president for all of America and I pray the country can somehow come together to help him in that task. The United States has a number of very serious problems that sorely need attention. I believe he has been elected because many people see those problems and hope they will get the attention they deserve. It is well known one should be careful what one wishes for. All of us will now find out what that means. I sure hope it turns out better than all those who voted against him—or worry about him—expect. America needs him to rise to the occasion.
—Larry Peckham

I am very concerned where our country goes from here and whether he will be able to not only pull this country together but develop better relations with the rest of the world without sacrificing anything. Frankly, I was very surprised that he won the election, but I think Clinton had too much negative baggage. Plus, it just shows how the people feel the need for some big changes in our government given how dissatisfied with it they are. I guess we will have to wait and see if Trump can deliver everything he promised. I personally doubt it, but it appears that he will have his party in control in the House and Senate so he has no excuses like Obama did.
—Grant Osman

Will this election encourage my party, the Democratic party, to stop ignoring its moderate center—especially in the candidate selection process?
—Mike DeMott

Let’s give him a try.
—Cathy Worthington

Trump stated he “is going to be the president for all Americans” and that “it is time for us to come together as one united people.” I am going to hold him to that. He will get his shot. Trump also stated his campaign was “an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for their families, comprised of Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people, and serve the people it will.” Donald Trump will sit at the highest seat, and I want him to prove that he didn’t just want to win the election, but that he truly wants to be our president. With that, I fully expect him to be presidential. I look forward to see how the business/economics of his presidency, the humanity/civil liberties of his presidency and the democracy of his presidency are executed. Everyone young and old—whether voted for or not—will not only be watching but will be aarticipating in that balance. Perhaps more so than any other time in history.
—Kim Caccamise

Tremendous victory. “Mr. Brexit” was real and no one believed he could do it.
—Steve Brunette

Absolutely thrilled. Couldn’t be happier. Enough with the progressive influence on our government.
—Diane Hainsworth

This is a dark, dark day for the U.S. Our country is now controlled by extremists. May God help us.
—Doug Flood

I am shocked the Trump has been elected as our next president. It makes me wonder about the state of our country when a nonpolitician is elected to the highest office in the land. The citizens of the United States want a change. One thing for sure, Trump will be a disruptor to the status quo. At this time, that is not necessarily a bad thing.
—Sharon Dajnowski, Scottsville

I’m very disappointed. I am afraid that this country is in for a very rough, rocky, turbulent time.
—Moira Lemperle, Monroe Avenue Real Estate Inc.

I am frustrated and disheartened … but I take some solace in the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. That speaks volumes, and I hope that Mr. Trump and his supporters hear the voices of the true majority.
—Christine Corrado

I was stunned. I never would have thought it possible and have no insight beyond what the pundits have to say. Mulling it over during the morning hours today I have tried to look at the bright side. Is there hope for the Ryan/Brady tax reform plan? Will market reforms improve the ACA? Can we hope for a less-intrusive federal government? On the other hand, I have profound differences with the president-elect on trade and immigration. In the long run, one has to wonder how both major parties will endeavor to restructure their coalitions for future elections. Still stunned!
—John Calia, Fairport

Despair today. Hope tomorrow.
—Carlos Mercado

I was hoping for a Trump victory, but prepared for a Trump loss. I heard about all the polls, and I knew for Trump to beat Clinton the majority of the polls had to be wrong. I was buoyed by the incredible enthusiasm of the Trump crowds. Trump was on the right side of most issues: lower taxes, smaller government, greater self-reliance, a stronger military, a world superpower again, charter schools, capitalist solutions and term limits. The only area I disagree with Trump is in free trade. With Obama and Clinton, we were headed toward European socialism, the equal distribution of less. Not American capitalism, the unequal distribution of more. Capitalism is a philosophy. Liberalism is a religion.
—Clifford Jacobson M.D., Vanguard Psychiatric Services PC

I had already spent a year shocked at the tone of Trump’s campaign. Now I’m stunned, fearful, nauseous and confused. As an optimistic African American woman, I was always dismayed that so many people supported such a racist, sexist, bigot who encouraged intolerance, divisiveness and outright hate. I woke up this morning fearful that, under his leadership, our country will move backward, resulting in more instances of violence, a loss of civil rights, a net loss in wealth for the average American. In addition, I don’t expect a net increase in manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Trump could have demonstrated his commitment to U.S. manufacturing jobs by entering into a contract with U.S. clothiers like Hickey Freeman; to date, his ties are still made offshore. I can only hope for the best, but won’t be surprised if on January 21st, those who voted for Trump finally start to comprehend the Brexit effect.
—W. Humphrey

Stunning? It’s only stunning to those who have inhabited their liberal echo chambers since 2008. They didn’t want to acknowledge that Obama brought a tidal wave of Republicans to office during his administration. Democrats can’t understand what happened because they didn’t listen. They didn’t listen because they’re simply not interested in the people’s interests, only in their socialist agenda. Now we will enter the best time for America.
—Luis Martinez, Pittsford

Stunned. Dismayed. Resigned. Somewhat frightened for all women and our nation’s diverse populations. Hopeful that his economic ideas will at least be helpful in creating more opportunity for prosperity among the middle and lower economic classes. Hopeful that he will be able to keep his negative, hurtful comments to himself for the duration of his term. Hopeful that he means what he said in his acceptance speech.
—Sandy Brown

I am happy. He is the lesser of two evils, but I wanted to give a nonpolitician an opportunity. He certainly doesn’t have the political baggage Clinton has.
—Sam Doubleday, Blue Rock Energy

In the words of the 2016 Nobel laureate in literature: “Bad motorcycle with a devil on the seat going 90 miles an hour down a one-way street.”
—Tom Gillett, NYSUT

Elated. That’s right, elated. I truly believe he loves this country and will work tirelessly to “Make America Great Again.” The possibilities are exciting and invigorating. His vision for the country very closely mirrors my hopes and values for America. This change is going to be for the better.
—David Wagner

Can’t believe it happened, but a real change was needed from what we have been getting over the last few decades. Maybe a nonpolitician can finally get something positive done. We never got a chance to see what could have happened when the last billionaire businessman, Ross Perot, ran, so it’s going to be an interesting next four years to say the least.
—Todd Westman

It’s complicated. Relieved “Hillz” didn’t win, yet not all that jazzed about Trump’s win. Happy to have a pro-business, pro-national security POTUS, but worried about his stand on social issues. I feel about as conflicted as I did when my black felt-tip marker hovered over the candidates’ names, awaiting my angst-ridden decision.
—B. Canley, Fairport

Triumph for the greater good. Now, we must all work with President Trump to bring peace, unity and strength back to our country, and help him stop discrimination and injustice in any form, especially religious and put an end to all the corruption, whether governmental, judicial, corporate or private.
—B. Moser

Disbelief. We now see who was the lesser of two evils. Now we have to see if he can work to make his words real. I hope we can find compromises that allow this to be actualized.
—Daniel Herpst

Jubilation and trepidation coupled with very high expectations. The people have sent a clear message to our representatives and the press. President Trump, who needs to deliver on the economy, immigration reform and health care. Most of all, I hope he does it all with class and integrity so all Americans can be proud.
—Carlo Jannotti, Vermonix

I’m clutching my pearls or anything, though I’m not thrilled. I was only going to be happy if Gary Johnson won.
—Mark Wilson

Extremely negative. I’m concerned for climate change, minorities, Supreme Court, background checks, hydrofracking in New York State, health insurance, the tenor of our society, to name a few. All to be affected negatively!
—Art Maurer

It’s hard to tell his real positions from posturing. My biggest concerns are for trade restrictions that could hurt Western New York agriculture, manufacturing and services; for cutbacks on scientific research that brings $400 million annually to Rochester; for weakening the system of alliances that has protected order and stability; and for massive new spending on infrastructure and the military coupled with big tax cuts that could explode a deficit that has been coming down. Will he make strong appointments to senior government positions? The people around him are not impressive. President Obama was 47 when elected. He has aged markedly. How will a 70-year-old fare?
—Bill Murphy

—Tom Burke

If I had three wishes, two would be that with all the things that the guy said and did over the last 18 months the only things that he really meant was: “I want to win” and “I am going to try to do my best to win.”
—Jay Birnbaum

Kind of mixed reaction, but generally relieved. Trump is not who I’d like to see as president, but I believe that he caused people to really see the politicos and Washington for what they are. He brought up subjects that were taboo and certainly censored by our very biased mainstream media. I’m especially relieved that we now have a chance to appoint justices to the Supreme Court that will hopefully follow our Constitution, which has served us well for 200-plus years, although under attack for several years. Most of all, maybe we’ve seen the last of the Clinton Crime syndicate.
—Art Elting, Palmyra

Extremely, extremely scared, perplexed, discouraged, alarmed, anxious, apprehensive, disheartened, dismayed, distressed, disturbed, frightened, horrified, nervous, panic-stricken, petrified, rattled, shocked, stunned, terrified, terror-stricken, upset and worried, as a minimum!
—Mike McCusker

Saw this on Twitter, and I think it aptly sums up my disillusionment: “America, we are way too comfortable with racism, misogyny and bigotry. I’m profoundly disappointed in us as a nation.”
—M. Curtain, Rochester

I’m crestfallen and in disbelief that poisonous rhetoric has a chance to reign.
—Smriti Jacob

The people have spoken. It is time to clean up Washington.
—Jim Weisbeck, Bloomfield

Sadness and yet an acceptance of America’s desire to roll the political clock back to the 1950s. With an all Republican federal government, ordinary people lose financial security (SS/Medicare/unemployment), international prestige, female reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and immigration reforms, but there are some entities who clearly gain from a Trump presidency. 1. Russia, through a weakened NATO at exactly the time when small former USSR states are under increasing military threat. 2. Assad with a turn away from military support to his enemies. 3. Iran with a probable revocation of the nuclear agreement. 4. Israel with a free rein to continue aggressive settlement construction 5. Wall Street, the boys will be set free to play. However, the Democrats clearly own the responsibility for failing to motivate their supporters. African American vote counts were down, Latino vote counts were down and a surprising 40 percent of women voters were more than willing to overlook extramarital affairs and female objectification as important qualities to be considered in choosing powerful and wealthy males. Sadness, when I see the ship of state steering straight into the teeth of a hurricane.
—Wayne Donner, Rush

A new beginning!
—John L. Sackett Jr.

This is the best thing to happen to our USA in many decades. Finally someone with a business mind, not connected to special interest.
—John Mechetti

It is very scary to watch the divisiveness of our citizenry bubble over from this. As close to 50-50 as it gets, like Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?”
—David Fiegel, Buffalo

Congratulations to President-elect Trump, his supporters and voters, and to the American people. Presidential candidate Trump focused on three key issues from day one: trade and growth (balanced trade rather than huge trade imbalances ignored by politicians), law enforcement (especially immigration law enforcement rather than unlimited illegal immigration that is encouraged by politicians for political purposes), and homeland security (careful vetting and military defense rather than uncontrolled terrorist access and terrorism growth). A very productive businessman will be much better for our country than a less productive politician as our national leader during this critical period. I cannot imagine a president tolerating a trade deficit of over a half trillion dollars or the burning and looting like we had in the ’60s. Now, we even have killing of policemen. I cannot imagine a secretary of state ignoring requests for help from the ambassador in Benghazi and then lying to the families. President-elect Trump has good instincts and is on the right paths. He cares, he chooses, and he fixes. The American people have good instincts and are on the right paths. We cared, we chose, and we fixed the current political and economic situation.
—Chuck Masick

Fascinating how many pollsters were so wrong predicting the outcome. Obviously their model for gathering data is no longer viable. Even more fascinating will be to see how effective Mr./President Trump will be once in office.
—Lou Calarese

Horror, dread, embarrassment and curiosity!
—Garry Haltof

Elated! The people are taking back their country!
—Marianne Jones

Thank you, (Florida lawmaker) Debbie Wasserman Schultz!
—Ken Maher

I am concerned about the Supreme Court, but frankly hope Trump implements all his policies so that those who voted for him can have the country they voted for and see if America is great again. It will be interesting to watch his policies be repudiated as inhumane, racist, dangerous, an economically disaster and unworkable. Hopefully then we will as a country return to some saner choices for our policies, values and leaders.
—Michael L. Harf

America wanted a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, unprepared, unqualified Nazi as the leader of the free world. They got one. Kiss civil rights, the environment, health care for all, and the respect of the world goodbye. Congrats, America.
—Peter Bettencourt

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  1. We Americans sure looked through different sets of glasses when considering candidates. I read the Snap Poll answers above. I am not quite sure how those who voted for Trump dismissed his divisive and hateful rhetoric and managed to sort through the chaff and extract what they wanted to hear. Voting for “change” is one thing, but change no matter what? Do you not know friends, neighbors, family members who identify with some of the groups now targeted by the lowest of the low of his followers? Most any woman, Latinos and blacks, LGBTQ, the disabled, and so on. But of course, when asked about those followers of his, he did say “Stop” right on TV. That should do it! Not My President!

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