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Snap Poll: Clinton edges Trump in pre-election poll

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is days away, and respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll favor Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin.

The Democrat presidential nominee garnered 47 percent of the vote in this week’s poll, compared with 42 percent who backed Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.

In a Snap Poll conducted in June, after the primary season wrapped up, readers favored Clinton over Trump by a margin of 47 percent to 38 percent.

The contest between the two major-party candidates—Clinton, the former U.S. senator and secretary of state under President Barack Obama, and Trump, the real estate mogul—has seen several unexpected developments. Among them were the leak of an “Access Hollywood” video with lewd remarks by Trump and last Friday’s news that the FBI is reviewing additional emails that might be relevant to its closed investigation of whether Clinton or her aides had mishandled classified information by sending it through Clinton’s private email server.

Also in the race are former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who received the Libertarian Party nomination, and physician Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Both ran in the 2012 presidential election as well. In this week’s Snap Poll, Johnson received 7 percent of the vote; Stein, 2 percent. Their support is essentially unchanged since the June poll.

Among Republicans, 69 percent say they’d vote for Trump, compared with 18 percent for Clinton and 7 percent for Johnson.

More than 87 percent of Democrats say they’d vote for Clinton if the election were held today. Seven percent say they’d cast a vote for Trump, and 3 percent picked Johnson. Slightly more than 1 percent said they’d vote for Stein.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents say the economy and jobs is a deciding issue when choosing a presidential candidate this year. Health care is important for nearly 60 percent of readers. Two other issues also were cited by more than 50 percent of the poll participants: ethics in government (56 percent) and foreign policy (52 percent).

Nearly 1,200 respondents participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, whom would you vote for?
Hillary Clinton: 47%
Donald Trump: 42%
Gary Johnson: 7%
Jill Stein: 2%
Other: 3%

In deciding which presidential candidate to vote for in the 2016 election, which issues are very important to you? (Readers selected all that apply.)
Economy and jobs: 74%
Health care: 59%
Ethics in government: 56%
Foreign policy: 52%
Taxes: 47%
National defense: 47%
Debt and deficits: 46%
Immigration: 46%
Personal character: 45%
Experience of candidates: 42%
Social Security and Medicare: 41%
Terrorism: 41%
Education: 34%
Income inequality and poverty: 32%
Race relations: 31%
Global warming and other environmental issues: 31%
Social issues such as abortion, gay marriage: 31%
Financial system reform: 29%
Other: 5%

What is your political affiliation?
Democrat: 29%
Republican: 33%
Non-affiliated: 32%
Libertarian: 1%
Green: 0%
Other: 4%

If elected, Trump and Pence would be determined to set this country back decades socially. Republicans and independents should console themselves with Clinton for one term and hope the Republican Party gets its act together with a reasonable candidate for 2020. Otherwise, they should be prepared for a one-term Trump/Pence team and for the next Democrat candidate to be their worst nightmare: Elizabeth Warren.
—Maggie Threadgill

In every category, Hillary Clinton wins. Even in ethics, Donald Trump has no qualms about lying and spreading lies and false theories about all of his opponents along the way, Republican and Democratic. He only cares about himself and is the ultimate politician based on his pandering to a fan base in need of real leadership, not bravado.
—Kristina Rogers

Crooked Hillary is at it again!
—Steve Brunette

I’m a Conservative who tends to vote Republican because Republican beliefs are closer to my beliefs. I’m for smaller government, lower taxes, stronger military and more self-reliance. Let me keep my own money so I can spend it the way I want to. Hillary will not only continue the “Nanny State,” but she’ll double down on what Barack Obama has already done. If Hillary is elected, the email scandal will hang over her whole presidency. Barack Obama doubled the national debt, and Hillary would do the same.
—Clifford Jacobson M.D., Vanguard Psychiatric Services

ABC: Anybody But Clinton. She is a pathological liar. We need to get rid of career politicians, so while I agree that Trump has a problem with reality, he is the best choice in the group. I think he will try and run the country like a business unlike the career politicians who are just looking for the next vote so they can stay on the public teat at the taxpayer’s expense. Another tiebreaker in the battle are the vice presidential candidates. Mike Pence has it all over Tim Kaine, the crazed clown. He is the only one of the bunch that seems to have presidential qualities.
—Mark Williams

Hillary Clinton isn’t the greatest of choices, but Donald Trump is an absolute egomaniac! His personal life is disgusting! And, worst of all, I can’t imagine him representing the USA in foreign countries—they will laugh their heads off (or worse).
—Paul Haney

Going to be a wild week, that is for sure. Pay attention to the local elections, as they are every bit as important, if not more, to everyday life. Our local and state politicians need to make our state and communities more competitive economically and taxwise, along with other issues.
—Keith Newcomer

Worst election I’ve ever seen. American people need to retake control of our government.
—Daniel Herpst, Rochester

Hillary for prison.
—G. Palis

The U.S. needs to have a third party (or a fourth) at the table. Experienced candidates are needed so these parties must have measurable support and funding to take a place at the table. I’m tired of the Republican and Democrat parties and their attacks on the character of their opponent instead of the issues.
—Wayne Donner, Rush

We need to bring ethics back into government.
—Tom Walpole

I vote with a great deal of reluctance, but ultimately there is one candidate who is (in my opinion) less offensive than the other.
—Arnie Boldt

No contest: I prefer a knowledgeable, informed, thoughtful, respectful, respected, seasoned leader with a lifetime of visible examples of successful dedicated service to country and humanity in the White House over a self-serving, bombastic, racist, misogynistic, cheating, crude, rude, willfully uninformed, despicable blow-hard at the helm. How these two candidates have ever been perceived as “equivalent” options is completely beyond comprehension.
—Christine Corrado

After a 30-year-period of “do nothing but politics and the future of the country be damned” by Hillary Clinton, time to take a chance on a nonpolitician who is not owned by the lobbyists, special interest groups and foreign countries looking for favors!
—J.A. DePaolis, Penfield

It is more and more obvious that it is high time to get the Clintons out of our lives so we can start rebuilding the credibility of all our government institutions.
—Bob Worden, Penn Yan

I am a classical liberal (Libertarian is closest party to my political/economic point of view). “Socialism” is the Orwellian redefinition of the word “liberal” in the common weal the past few decades in the U.S. And socialism is most definitely not classical liberal—see economic works of Hayek, von Mises, philosophy of Ayn Rand, etc. (I was at one of the first Libertarian Party organizational meetings in a Houston, Texas, hotel in early 1970s.) Ceteris paribus, I would vote Libertarian. But the “Republicrat” has the best shot of increasing political entropy this year. This year I will vote for D.J. Trump, the Republican (“Republicrat”) candidate for POTUS on Nov. 8,  2016.
— Carl Helmers

The two-party system is broken and needs to be dismantled. We live in New York State; your vote does not matter. If it’s Trump in New York, he will win in a landslide—and if it’s not, congratulations, Hillary wins New York. Shocker. If you don’t live in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or like two other states, just vote against the system.
—Kenya Burn-Moore, Rochester

God Bless America!
—Tom Bayer

In the 1930s, the majority of Germans said they did not agree with the bigotry of the Nazis toward the Jews, but Hitler has been good for the economy. Post 1922, most Italians said they did not agree with the violence by the Blackshirts toward political opponents, but Mussolini was going to make Rome/Italy “great again.” He even had the trains moving on time. It is not just leaflets in Brighton and Pittsford, there is a nationwide membership drive going on for the KKK as well as organizing by Nazi and other hate groups around their support of Trump. In the 21st century, in America, and in the party of Lincoln. Shame on us. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” —George Santayana (1863-1952)
—Jim Bertolone, president emeritus, Rochester & Genesee Valley Labor Federation AFL-CIO

Draining the swamp is long overdue! Electing Hillary Clinton will not accomplish this goal.
—Tom Shea, Thomas P. Shea Agency Inc.

My conscience won’t let me vote for one of them. My heart won’t let me vote for the other. I am voting for Gary Johnson. As I go down his checklist, most of the boxes are checked pretty similarly to the way in which I think. Aleppo? So what if he didn’t know it! None of them know what to do about it. A wasted vote? It isn’t. I am voting for him for positive reasons. Besides, it is about time we sent an email to the two pretender parties: We cannot and are not going to take this crap anymore. If either of the parties nominated almost any person other than these misfits, there would not have been a contest of equals—or, should I say equally bad choices.
—Jay Birnbaum

Hillary Clinton is very smart, level-headed, lifetime of public service. She is a wonk and will sweat the details. She has diplomatic experience, she values diversity of people and thought. She will make us proud as our first female president.
—Ruby Austin

The least of two evils!
—Patrick Evans

I have to vote for Trump. We really need to turn this boat around! And the first thing that we need to do is oppose and reject killing off our young and our elderly (“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you.” Jeremiah 1:5). Of all the issues with which we deal or look the other way and let happen, premeditated destruction of life and assaulting human dignity are the absolute worst of all intrinsic evils. (“If we accept that the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? … Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love one another, but to use violence to get what they want. This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” —Mother Teresa). If we could just get this one right, it is much easier to imagine how the rest of America’s challenges could fall into place!
—B. Moser, Canandaigua

Voting for Trump is indeed a gamble. But as we saw with Obama, who was inexperienced too, he accomplished little in eight years without Congress’ support. The big difference to me is Trump tells you what he thinks, Hillary tells you what she thinks you want to hear.
—Hal Gaffin, Fairport

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