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Snap Poll: Readers favor Assini in election rematch

Voters in the 25th Congressional District in November will get a rematch of the 2014 contest when Republican Mark Assini lost to Democratic incumbent Rep. Louise Slaughter by fewer than 1,000 votes.

And if the contest were held today, the majority of this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents would favor the GOP candidate.

Assini is Gates town supervisor, a position he has held since 2010. Slaughter has been a member of Congress since 1986. Before that, she served in the state Assembly.

Assini was supported by 59 percent of poll respondents, versus 38 percent for Slaughter.

Also in the race are two other candidates: Libertarian Tony D’Orazio, backed by 2 percent of respondents, and independent Brandon Kirshner, favored by 1 percent.

Among the 82 percent of respondents who are registered to vote in the 25th Congressional District, Slaughter fared slightly better: 41 percent compared with Assini’s 56 percent.

According to campaign filings for the period ended June 30, Slaughter holds a wide lead in campaign contributions. She had $1.1 million in contributions, while Assini reported $94,000. The Democratic incumbent had $982,000 in cash on hand compared with $71,000 for Assini.

Roughly 915 respondents participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Aug. 29 and 30.

If the 25th Congressional District election were held today, whom would you favor?
Mark Assini: 59%
Louise Slaughter: 38%
Tony D’Orazio: 2%
Brandon Kirshner: 1%

Are you registered to vote in the 25th Congressional District?
Yes: 82%
No: 18%

Among respondents who are registered to vote in the district, the results were:
Mark Assini: 56%
Louise Slaughter: 41%
Tony D’Orazio: 2%
Brandon Kirshner: 1%

What is your political affiliation?
Democrat: 28%
Republican: 36%
Non-affiliated: 32%
Other: 4%

For information on how the Snap Polls are conducted, click here.


Assini has fresh workable ideas. In April, Slaughter was promoting high-speed rail going to Buffalo from Rochester. It seems to me this was for headlines and not well thought out. The cost would be in the billions. Considering the time it would take to drive to the train station, get boarded and once in Buffalo, de-board and find surface transportation to your Buffalo destination, then return to the Buffalo station and repeat the boarding etc., the time saving, if any, would be minimal. How many passengers will need to ride the train and what would the ticket cost be to break even on the billion-dollar project? (Do visions of the Fast Ferry come to mind?) To shave 15 minutes off a trip that takes a little over an hour, and to be subject to the train schedule doesn’t seem very cost-effective. High-speed rail between major cities with large populations makes more sense, but Slaughter backed something that sounded good in the headlines but was not realistic. Assini is a common-sense candidate. He wants to harness the debt. He favors term limits. He will not be a professional politician spending his time (and our dollars) always campaigning for his next term.
—Tom Walpole

The behavior of Republicans in Congress has been so contrary to my personal beliefs that I could not vote for any Republican candidate unless they clearly disavowed loyalty to the incumbent GOP.
—Mark Inclima, Webster

Louise is one of the reasons to enact term limits. Instead of using tired old thinking, let’s get new blood in and get moving ahead. No one on either side should be in Congress into their 80s.
—Dan Serpentine

I would rather have an old campaigner than a young member of the Teflon Monroe County Republican Party.
—Ed McDonnell

It is time for Louise Slaughter to retire and enjoy life.
—Leslie Russell

Louise has done many good things for the community; however, there comes a time to move over and let new people with fresh ideas and renewed vigor take over. Business as usual needs to stop in politics.
—Mark Williams

None of these four looks worthy to me.
—Ken Maher

Time for a change and some fresh legs to represent the 25th. Louise Slaughter is a perfect example of why we need term limits (which Assini supports). Fifteen terms is too long a stay. Mrs. Slaughter’s 30-year report card is very anti-business. She has become a quintessential Washington Beltway insider. She no longer represents our best interests.
—George Thomas, Ogden

Louise has done a good job and served us well, but she has been in Congress too many terms and it is time for a change of views, thoughts and ideas with someone new and fresh. Mark Assini is the change we need.
—John Bartolotto

Two things influence my choice. First is term limits. Ms. Slaughter has done a good job, but it is time for all levels of government to enact limits on career politicians. Second, the Republican Party knows only one word: No. That is not a basis for governing, especially at the federal level. So I support an independent candidate and an independent line of thinking.
—Wayne Donner, Rush

The future of this region is dependent upon clean water. Once the aquifer is contaminated, it may never recover, or maybe in 100,000 years or more. Anyone who is willing to gamble on our future for near-term jobs, if any, will not get my vote. Assini would permit fracking. All other issues are secondary and can be reversed if necessary.
—David Rubin

I believe Louise has done much for her constituents, but as a true believer in term limits, it is now time for a change!
—J.A. DePaolis

It’s time for Louise to hang ’em up.
—Frank Gerham

Louise Slaughter has been a strong advocate for our congressional district across party lines. At a time when almost all politicians are suspect, she has earned our trust.
—Tom Gillett, NYSUT

Assini supports Donald Trump. Enough said. I’m for Louise Slaughter.
—Peter Bonenfant, Fairport

As long as they don’t have an “R” or “D” next to their name.
—Kenya Burn-Moore, Rochester

Louise Slaughter is over the hill.
—Charles Valenza

Louise has worked hard for our community and made a significant difference. She continues the fight in Washington to benefit our citizens. Her seniority in Congress is an asset to Rochester and Monroe County.
—Roslyn Bakst Goldman

Voting for Assini since it’s time for new blood. Without term limits, we have people like Louise Slaughter in Congress for decades and insulated from most citizens in this district and interacting only with the Washington lobbyists.
—Dave Giambattista, Fairport

I’m ready to get out of the two-party duopoly that has failed Rochester over and over. Tony (D’Orazi) is the only candidate in this race who believes in keeping the government out of our wallets and out of our personal lives. I’m voting for Tony, Alex Merced and Gary Johnson this year.
—Kevin Wilson

Louise Slaughter has accomplished more for her district. However, I have not read/heard great things about Assini in Gates. I believe they are a city in trouble.
—J.L. Cole

Slaughter has been a successful worker for our community and an effective leader and coalition-builder in the House. In these days of the wacko, take-no-prisoner congressmen, we need her leadership, insights and level head to continue the recovery and progress of our region.
—Michael Leach, Rochester

I witnessed a meeting between Assini and Sen. Schumer in Fairport. Schumer was gracious and professional. Assini was rude and arrogant, trying to trap the senator into saying something controversial. Never will I support Assini; no class!
—David Lewis

I’m hoping to vote for Mr. D’Orazio in the upcoming election. Tony has many ideas about issues that I agree with. It’s important to include people like Tony on the ballot; (people) who are a little more connected to the community. I do not feel that the big-party candidates speak for the people or even represent them.
— Kate King-McDade

Louise is extremely aware of our needs in the community and employment for us. She questions corporate American business, making sure they hire and not downsize for their own benefits.
—Al Gause

Louise never forgets why she’s there. Bravo.
—Margaret Corbin Murphy

We need government to get out of the way so businesses can create jobs. Smaller government is something the two main parties seem to be opposed to.
—Joe Melton

Louise Slaughter is an energetic, intelligent and powerful supporter of our district.
—Virginia Hall

The Monroe County Republicans are playing dirty to suppress third-party candidates. I voted for Assini last time.
—Lisa D’Orazio

Louise did a great job for many years, but it’s time for her to gracefully move on. There really should be term limits in place.
—Debbie and John Parks

This is a race between Louise Slaughter and Mark Assini. There are two contenders and two pretenders. In the last election, Mr. Assini snuck up on Ms. Slaughter, but that won’t happen again. Mr. Assini is very competent and engaging. It will be interesting to see their debates. I think Mr. Assini will win, but I’m thinking more with my heart than with my head.
—Clifford Jacobson M.D.; Vanguard Psychiatric Services PC

We need a change in our district and Mark Assini is the right person for the job!
—Michael King

It’s time for change. Louise has been our representative for 30 years. President Obama said we would have change and she has been a staunch Democrat that has not really changed anything. Bridges are bad, employment opportunities lowest in Western New York. Everywhere else is doing better. We keep losing jobs and people. Fast rail fell through on shovel-ready jobs. I’m a term-limit person, so she should go. Time for new blood from a compassionate caring individual who will do a great job representing his district. I’m voting for Mark Assini for Congress.
—Ed Starowicz

It’s time for a change. Louise was one of the leaders of Congress who forced failed Obamacare down the country’s throat and turned out to be one of the biggest tax increases in history. The Supreme Court classified Obamacare as a tax when erroneously declaring it constitutional. Louise looks the other way when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws such as cracking down on sanctuary cities. Her immigration stance violates federal laws. In the Rochester region we have had a number of violent murders, including one that involved a rape in Orleans County by an illegal alien. A 14-year-old, Giana Bartolucci, recently died six months after she and her father, Pastor Tony Bartolucci, were hit head-on Christmas Eve by a drunken illegal alien. She has supported Obama’s economic policies, which have essentially doubled the national debt to almost $20 trillion while producing the slowest economic growth after a recession in many years. One of the reasons for this is she supports big suffocating government which picks winners and losers. That policy has failed us. She has this obsession with high-speed rail in Upstate New York, which is a financial loser. I could go on and on. In short, she supports the leftist policies of the Obama administration which is weakening the United States.
—John Rynne

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