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Why is epoxy flooring in high demand?

Epoxy flooring and cement flooring is a rapidly growing industry, at the same time it is a profitable alternative for small businesses. The demand for epoxy flooring is constantly rising. There are several reasons for that. Epoxy flooring has multiple advantages. It is dirt-, stain- and dust-resistant. It is also resistant to almost all types of chemicals, as gasoline and oils. It is easy to clean due to its smoothness. Due to its resistance to gems and bacteria, epoxy flooring is also easily sanitized.  It is not slippery as well. Another reason of its high demand is that epoxy flooring has low and affordable installation cost. As it is installed over other flooring types, it also serves as a protection and makes it more durable. Epoxy flooring durability is one of the main reasons of its popularity. Epoxy flooring is often chosen for the wide variety of design options that it offers. One can use both a traditional and personal style. Another positive side of epoxy flooring is its brightness and ability to reflect both natural and artificial lighting.

100% epoxy flooring is odorless, its thickness can be adjusted, it comes both in a variety of colors as well as transparent. Besides 100% epoxy flooring does not shrink.


There is a high demand for epoxy flooring as garage floor coating in particular. Due to its polymer structures, epoxy flooring is much more long-lasting and durable than paint and other types of garage flooring. It is not only because of its durability, but also because it is able to give a new look and attraction to any garage, making it not just a place to park a car. With epoxy flooring any garage can be turned into a multi-functional space, used even for residential or commercial purposes.

Epoxy flooring is often used for garages due to its ability to reflect light and improve visibility inside the closed small spaces. Its thickness helps to conceal imperfections and cracks of the underlying cement flooring. As a topical sealer, epoxy flooring doesn’t collect dust from the cars, tools or other storage items, which is common for cement floorings. Epoxy flooring has also received a lot of positive feedback from garage owners for it easy maintenance. Even various car chemicals, as gasoline, almost all types of oils, fluids, grease, etc, spilled on the floor, can be easily removed and wiped due to its stain-resistance.

Whether one want to use garage for traditional purposes, make it a storage place, residential area, a show- room or a work-shop, in any case, epoxy flooring will make the task much easier. By epoxy flooring installation one can design the place in the best way with less effort, as well as save money, choosing a durable and long-lasting type of flooring.



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