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Readers give Clinton edge over Trump

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, Democrat Hillary Clinton would be the top vote-getter among RBJ Daily Report readers.

Forty-seven percent of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll favor Clinton, compared with 38 percent who would vote for Republican Donald Trump.

With the 2016 primary season now concluded, the nation’s two major political parties are gearing up for their national conventions, which will be held next month.

In a Huffington Post analysis using a poll-tracking model of 462 national polls from 31 pollsters, Clinton currently leads with 44 percent, versus Trump with 40 percent. Ten percent of poll participants say they are undecided, and 6 percent favor another candidate.

Both of the presumptive nominees—Clinton, the former U.S. senator and secretary of state under President Barack Obama, and Trump, the real estate mogul—are New Yorkers.

Clinton faced a stiff primary challenge from Bernie Sanders. The U.S. senator from Vermont has not conceded since the Associated Press declared June 6 that Clinton had won enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, but last week he told supporters his main goal now is ensure that Trump loses in November.

According to media delegate counts, Trump secured enough delegates by late May to win the Republican nomination. Once considered a longshot, Trump beat 16 rivals for the GOP nod.

Meanwhile, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson—who placed third with nearly 1.3 million votes, or 1 percent, in the 2012 presidential election—again has received the Libertarian Party nomination. Physician Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate. In 2012, she received 469,628 votes.

More than 1,160 respondents participated in this week’s Snap Poll, which was conducted June 20 and 21.

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, who would have your vote?

If the 2016 presidential election were held today, who would have your vote?
Hillary Clinton (Democrat): 47%
Donald Trump (Republican): 38%
Gary Johnson (Libertarian): 7%
Jill Stein (Green): 1%
Other: 6%

What is your political affiliation?
Republican: 35%
Democrat: 30%
Non-affiliated: 29%
Libertarian: 1%
Green: 0%
Other: 5%

For information on how the Snap Polls are conducted, click here.
I am a lifelong Republican. At this point, I am disgusted with the direction of our political system. It may be time to tear it down and start fresh. We need doctors, entrepreneurs, educators, and scientists representing us. Our current system is long removed from “by the people, for the people.”
—Matthew Connolly

The Libertarians are running two experienced Republican former governors for president and vice president. Just think about how much better in principle that sounds than the major-party candidates.
—Jim Haefner, Pittsford

It seems a shame to be voting “against” candidates rather than for candidates.
—Donald Pedersen

I’ve voted in every presidential election since 1984. And while I hate to be someone who stays home in protest, I’m seriously thinking of staying home in protest. Not sure who is scarier—Clinton or Trump!
—B. Canley, Fairport

I voted for Stein last time out, but she has now lost my vote due to her increasingly unhinged and unrealistic rhetoric. I might be able to overlook the rhetoric if she were actually qualified to be president, but (much like Trump) she has no experience that would qualify her for the position.
— Matthew D. Wilson

Donald Trump should not be affiliated with the Republican Party as he is a demagogue and an embarrassment to our country as a standard bearer for any political party. Hillary Clinton has made her life’s work empowering women and protecting children. She has the depth of knowledge of both domestic and foreign policy. She will nominate qualified justices to the Supreme Court. She will protect our homeland. For these reasons and more I will be pleased to have the opportunity to vote for her this November.
—Michael L. Harf

After a yearlong national soap opera called the presidential primaries, the two presumptive major-party candidates have the highest unfavorable ratings of all time. Many voters like me will decide not to vote for either, and that choice should be respected rather than disparaged with insults and fear-mongering. If you want to get your candidate elected, there are more than 100 million Americans of voting age who did not vote in the 2012 election, so perhaps it’s time to find ways to register and mobilize them. Our country will be better for it in the long run.
—Tim Altier

Not much of a fan of Trump, but I am an “ABC” voter (Anybody But Clinton).
—Al Kempf, Fairport

ABC: Anybody But Clinton. All the candidates are like characters from an “SNL” skit. It is hard to imagine any of them in the White House. The thing the country cannot afford is four more years with an Obama clone. I’ll try anybody who is not a professional politician.
—Mark Williams

There’s no question that Trump does not have the character or any of the leadership or diplomacy skills needed to be president. He’s not collaborative, which the Congress desperately needs to be within its own branch and with the president. He is using his skillful but misdirected media skills to appeal to the worst traits of some Americans by speaking vague but suggestive phrasing without having any clear forward-looking platform for the growth and strengthening of the U.S. His perspective on isolationism (revisiting/ending trade agreements), building a wall, and his method of being divisive is very similar to other extremists in this country (Woodrow Wilson) and in Europe (Hitler, Mussolini) in the last hundred years that dragged the whole world down. I’d vote for anybody but Trump.
—Bob Volpe

Trump has a lot of flaws, but Hillary is a committed socialist, and we know how that works out. We don’t need a third term of Obama. The U.S. economy is on life support. Trump is right about trade and taxes. No candidate is perfect and I look at the fundamentals—Trump is pro-business, pro-America. Hillary, not so much.
—Bob Sarbane

It has been such a long time since we have had the ability to vote for a decent candidate in the general election that it seems normal to be voting for the least offensive candidate.
—Joe Fabetes, Rochester

Hillary Clinton. I am with her.
—Margaret Swift, Jewish Senior Life

One candidate I can’t vote for. One candidate I won’t vote for. I am not sure which candidate is the “can’t” and which is the “won’t.” I sure cannot skip voting at all. Voting Libertarian sounded nutty until I read its platform. The platform is pretty close on most issues to how I think. Gary Johnson is a vote for someone. Voting for either of the major parties is a vote to pick between “can’t” and won’t.” It is my hope that if enough people vote for any third party, the message will be delivered to both Republicans and Democrats that the parties cannot keep giving me the choice of “can’t” and “won’t.”
—Jay Birnbaum

You have to ask yourself, “What qualifications does HRC have to be president?” Let’s not have another “she/he is the first ______ president. Let’s vote for him/her.
—Dan Zarpentine

It is a contest between political correctness and constitutional common sense!
—Tom Reidy

Both major party candidates have unfavorable ratings exceeding 50 percent. Either of these candidates, if elected, will continue to divide this country. It’s time to look beyond the Democratic and Republican parties and consider third-party and independent candidates that have the prospect of uniting the citizens of this country.
—David Belcher, LeRoy

It is as simple as “ABC.” Anybody But Clinton.
—Jim Weisbeck, Bloomfield

Worst candidates for president I have ever seen. Don’t like any of them, but I’m not giving up my right to vote.
—Grant Osman

I’m an “Anybody but Hillary” voter. She supported the lies told by her husband against women so that they could stay in power. She and her husband’s corporation took huge sums of money from countries that persecute women and minorities. What Hillary did with her email server was worse than anything General Petraeus did. With Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, there’s not a way in hell that a legal case will be made against Hilly. Anybody but Hillary.
—Clifford Jacobson M.D., Vanguard Psychiatric Services PC

Donald Trump is an egomaniac who stokes peoples’ basest fears and emotions! The similarities to Adolf Hitler (are) very scary. Responsible leaders of other nations wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him. It is telling that the only other world leader to speak well of him is Vladimir Putin!
—Paul Haney

Hillary for prison, e-mail scandal, “fast and furious” scandal, Benghazi scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal. Directed by certain individuals and together with numerous affiliates, Hillary has been part of an international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward. Yet, state, federal and foreign government authorities—that should be keenly aware of this massive set of criminal frauds—so far, move at a snail’s pace, perhaps waiting for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reveal the scope of its work and the nature of any findings. Why is she not in jail, and how come Democrats are still supporting her?
—Gee Palis

ANYONE other than Hillary (Whitewater, TravelGate, HillaryCare, Vince Foster, Clinton Legal Defense Fund, ChinaGate, IRS abuses, PardonGate, FALN terrorists, NYS Senate campaign finances, Zero Senate accomplishments, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, email scandal—all questionable conduct).
—Tom Shea, Thomas P. Shea Agency Inc.

Anyone but Hillary Clinton, who might be one of the most corrupt and incompetent candidates for president in my lifetime. You’re not going get the real Hillary Clinton story in the mainstream media who are carrying water for her—just like they did for Obama. Hillary’s mentor was the radical Saul Alinsky; she was fired from her position in one of the Watergate investigative committees because of bias; she was part of the hit squad to discredit victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults; she was an ineffective U.S. Senator; and the Clinton Foundation was a corrupt pay-for-play machine while she was secretary of state. As secretary of state, she was a disaster. Look at the consequences of her policies in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, Russia, etc. Benghazi and the email scandal are inexcusable. Her anti-Israel policies are fueled by her longtime aide, Huma Abedin. Abedin and her family had close connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood was labeled a number of years ago as an unindicted coconspirator when they funded Islamist terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and others. Furthermore, her support of Obama’s immigration, energy and economic policies are pathetic. Our national debt has almost doubled to $20 trillion under Obama while having the weakest economic recovery in modern history while illegal immigrants, nonvetted terrorists and drug gangs continue to pour in. With leaders like Obama and Clinton the United States is on its way to a Roman Empire-type collapse.
—John Rynne

I doubt both the rationality and the morality of people willing to vote for Donald Trump. Any party that nominates Trump for president shows itself to be a moral abomination. Any nation that would elect him invites destruction. That said, I think Trump perfectly represents the contemporary Republican Party.
—James Leunk, retired

Unfortunately, the last time I checked, New York State doesn’t allow for write-ins on the presidential ballot, even though other states do. The New York excuse is that, since we’re actually voting for electors rather than for the president and VP directly, no one can vote for electors who do not exist.
—Ken Maher

Worst choices ever, Clinton and Trump are the same problem. More polarizing, no one finding common ground.
—Daniel Herpst Rochester

Is this a real question?
—R. Austin

Notice you placed Mrs. Clinton first on the list and you included three Left Wing parties and no Independents. (Democrat, Libertarian and Green). Again the TRUE colors of the D&C come through, which falls in line with most of the media outlets.
—Stephen Papuzek, registered Independent

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