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Non-Profit Report: The YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County

The YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County has been a beacon of help and hope for local women and families since 1883. Today, its programs focus on eliminating racism, empowering women, standing up for social justice, helping families and strengthening communities.

Its programs include:

Teen Services: Each year the YWCA’s teen services helps more than 200 teenage mothers navigate the challenges of young adulthood and parenting. Through counseling, case management, home visits, social activities and career direction, teen mothers further their education and secure the work skills and opportunities that will lead to a successful future for them and their children.

Housing Services: The YWCA offers a continuum of residential programs for single women, women with children and families who need a safe and secure home from which to build their strength and continue their progress. The YWCA provides emergency housing for women in crisis and supportive housing for women with special needs. Supportive housing is designed to promote independent living in a supervised setting for individuals who have completed another course of treatment and are making the transition to independent living. It is for individuals who either require a long-term supportive environment following care in another type of residential service for an undetermined length of stay, or who are in need of a transitional living environment prior to establishing independent community living. The program is licensed by the state Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Other housing services include rapid re-housing solutions for the homeless and at risk for homelessness and permanent, affordable housing for women working to maintain a healthy and productive life for themselves and their children. Counseling and education in trauma informed care, life skills, parenting and job readiness support our residents each step of the way on their journey to success.

Racial Justice Services: Racial barriers are a critical focus in strengthening the lives of women the YWCA serves. The YWCA works to build community awareness of how racism continues to impede women’s progress through several programs.

Person2Person: Person2Person provides an experience designed for people of different races and ethnicities to come together in ways that are engaging, enlightening, energizing and ultimately sustainable. This program is made possible by the Rochester Area Community Foundation.

Stand Against Racism: The YWCA holds an annual communitywide event to build awareness about racism. It reaches out to businesses, schools, houses of worship, organizations and government agencies to join the effort.

Unconscious Bias: This is a dialogue series, based on the book “Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It” by Shelly Tochluk.

Jean Carroll is president and CEO of the YWCA, which is located at 175 N. Clinton Ave. and employs 36 staff. Its website is ywcarochester.org.

Financial record    Year ended Dec. 31, 2014
Revenue        %
Contributions, gifts, grants    $1,889,503    54
Program service revenue    711,577    21
Sale of securities    646,309    19
Investment income     232,567    7
Miscellaneous    15,459    less than 1
Net loss from fundraising events    (23,744)    1
Total revenue    $3,471,671    100

Expenses        %
Salaries and benefits    $1,614,726    53
Occupancy    501,380    17
Fees for services    392,590    13
Office expenses    161,386    5
Payroll taxes    127,031    4
Assistance to individuals    72,415    2
Conferences, meetings    68,486    2
Depreciation    54,696    2
Other    26,997    1
Total expenses    $3,019,707    100
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses    $451,964

Board of directors

Susan Byrd, chairwoman
Jennifer Kaukeinen,
vice chairwoman
Stephanie Seiffert,
Leah George, secretary
Jennifer Arbore
Dorothy Coleman
Renee Coleman
Maisha Enaharo
Cynthia Herriott
Carolyn Jacobs M.D.
Kimberly Kelly
Cynthia Langston
Angela Nash
Barbara Osterman
Kathy Parrinello
Deborah Rosen
Judy Seil
Katy Stevenson
Tracy Tadaro-Ott
Liz Vega
Karen Zachman

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