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RIT receives nearly $2 million from NSF

Rochester Institute of Technology has received nearly $2 million in partnership with Raytheon Vision Systems to develop infrared detectors grown on silicon wafers for ground-based astronomy, university officials said Monday. The technology also could have applications for use in homeland security, remote sensing and biomedical imaging.

The National Science Foundation awarded the second-phase funding for the Center for Detectors at RIT.

The sensitive detectors developed with Raytheon will have broad coverage from the optical to infrared wave lengths. They are designed to deliver the highest sensitivities available with today’s detectors but without the steep price tag of around $1 million per detector, said Donald Figer, director of RIT’s Center for Detectors and project leader.

Figer previously designed a system for the Space Telescope Science Institute to test detectors to be flown on the future James Webb Space Telescope. His team will contribute to the design of the infrared detectors and measure their performance at RIT using a similar system, officials said.

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