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Golisano Children’s Hospital: By the numbers

{ image:"golisanochildrenshospital11.jpg", caption:'This spring brought a finished look to the building's exterior.', credit:"Photo courtesy of UR Medicine's Golisano Children's Hospital"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital10.jpg", caption:'Work progresses on the stairway to the lobby.', credit:"Photo courtesy of UR Medicine's Golisano Children's Hospital"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital9.jpg", caption:'Some exterior glass has low-e coatings, which minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through without compromising the amount of visible light.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital8.jpg", caption:'Handheld communications devices will alter the role played by nursing stations.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital7.jpg", caption:'Each floor has a nature theme.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital6.jpg", caption:'Funds to build the hospital have come from giving by a mix of individuals, families, institutions and companies. Walmart customers gave money at the checkout registers, and the company donated $1.5 million to name the hospital's lobby.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital5.jpg", caption:'Hospital officials wanted to improve on existing wayfinding.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital4.jpg", caption:'The patient rooms in the new hospital are more than double the size of the current double-bedded rooms', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital3.jpg", caption:'Some parts of the hospital such as its intensive care unit will remain in the hospital's existing space until completion of the second phase.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital2.jpg", caption:'Construction of the new Golisano Children's Hospital was launched with a second, $20 million gift from Paychex's founder four years ago.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, { image:"golisanochildrenshospital1.jpg", caption:'A few weeks before the planned dedication of the new hospital, many rooms and hallways were ready for the arrival of patients and caregivers, slated for July.', credit:"Photo by Kimberly McKinzie"

}, ] };

Number of floors: 8

Total square feet: 245,000

Project cost: $145.9 million for first phase, $191.2 million total 

Daily workers: Approximately 200

Tons of steel: 2,588 tons

Piles driven: 375

Concrete poured: 10,000 cubic yards

Bricks placed: 400,000

Exterior glass: 33,000 square feet

Interior glass: 12,000 square feet

Fiber-reinforced cement panels: 23,000 square feet

Dry wall: 1,000,000 square feet

Ceiling grid: 100,000 square feet

Ceiling tile: 25,000 pieces

Pounds of ductwork: 567,772

Length of ductwork: 24,210 feet (4.6 miles)

Length of copper piping: 85,000 feet (16 miles)

Philanthropic gifts: Nearly 8,500 individuals and community groups—from 38 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces—have given more than $53 million to date

Air handlers: 4—each unit could heat/cool 48 average-sized homes

Emergency generators: 3

Philanthropy: One-third of donors, many of whom are children themselves, to the new Golisano Children’s Hospital have given $25 or less.

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