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Nearing 20, ComTec Solutions targets strong growth

Nearing 20, ComTec Solutions targets strong growth

After two decades of operation, ComTec Solutions LLC has no plans to slow down.

The firm plans to double its workforce, expand the use of its current location and prepare for its first acquisition—all anticipated by the close of 2017.

The firm provides IT services-networking, enterprise resource planning, Epicor software and training, disaster recovery, security, desktop repair and upgrades, onsite training, Web design and Web hosting.

“We’re noticing actually two or three of our competitors are struggling now so to us that’s a positive—it’s an opportunity to pick up additional market share,” said Robert Moyer, founder and president.

“We have a niche market because of the (enterprise resource planning) and IT under one umbrella. You’re not going to find another company around that really has that, on top of the fact we embraced managed services so early on.”

Businesses use managed services to transfer IT operations to a service provider. ComTec is responsible for constant monitoring and managing IT systems as well as resolving any problems. ComTec has the tools and processes in place to manage a network and not just fix things when they break, Moyer said.

“We adopted it early. It cost us a lot of money, we invested in it and we’ve got it down,” he said. “It’s a standard process.”

ComTec expects 20 percent growth in revenues this year—up from 5 percent last year—and anticipates doubling employees in two years. Currently it employs 22 people at its location in Elmgrove Park in Gates and two employees in East Berlin, Conn.

“I think this is the first year we’ve had a complete loaded sales staff, so there’ll be a lot of marketing and a lot of direct selling to make sure we’re doing the growth,” said Mary Cronin, vice president.

Some 75 percent of its clients are based in New York. The company marks its 20th anniversary in June.

“Roughly 10 years ago ComTec was brought in by an ERP software manufacturer to represent a local implementer during the sales process,” said Joseph Frillici, plant manager of AJL Manufacturing Inc. and client of ComTec Solutions for a decade. “AJL quickly realized the value of a partnership with ComTec due to the variety of technology services offered.”

In 2002 ComTec became an Epicor Software Corp. partner, which contributed to growth.

Today ComTec offerings include a range of business technology services, including ERP systems and managed IT services, officials said.

“When I started this thing I was worried you’re so busy, head down, doing things every day that the world can pass you by and you don’t know it,” Moyer said. “So, we make a concerted effort and it’s expensive for us to do. We’re working on new technology, R&D training and certifications, and really honing skills and making sure that we are staying on the leading edge.”

An area of focus includes manufacturing, in both aerospace and defense. Health care, engineering and professional services are markets that ComTec is targeting this year.

“I think cloud backup is really what people are starting to realize they need,” Moyer said. “The backup piece, ‘If we have a total loss, where is that data?’ That’s the piece that’s really growing and of course we really invested in that a couple of years ago.”

ComTec Solutions is innovative. That’s why customers stick around, Frillici said.

“AJL believes that Rob and his management team are continually evaluating the latest technology and industry trends to ensure they are offering not only the latest but also the most robust solutions to their customers,” he said. “The driving factor of our belief in ComTec’s future is their willingness to listen to their customers and adapt to meet their needs and expectations.”

On the lookout for its first acquisition—ideally slated for 2016—the company’s leaders are open to opportunities in the Albany area.

“It’s something new for us, so we’ll take a risk but it’s a calculated risk,” Moyer said. “We’re going to go slow, we’re going to go steady and we’re going to make sure it’s the right move.”

In its local facility the company has 12,000 square feet but uses 6,000 square feet. This year the company is building out into 4,000 of the 6,000 square feet left, so a total of 10,000 square feet will be used after the expansion.

Rochester’s tech market is vast, which is a good thing, Cronin said.

“Rochester has diversified as well—we’re all not fighting for the same piece—so that’s been helpful,” she said. “There’s quite a few of us, but there’s enough out there for everybody.”

Moyer attributes a sense of both technology and business know-how to his company’s success.

“We’re very process-oriented, very procedural,” he said. “I think that gives us a definite advantage because you see a lot of technology companies, they’re great at technology but they’re not great at business. I think we have a nice balance.”

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