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Investment in freight railroads is good for all

Technology developed right here in Fairport is making railroads across the country safer and more efficient. And that means that electronics, grain, orange juice and oil are less expensive than they would be otherwise—and made their way to your home as safely as possible.

For more than 15 years, RailComm has developed computer systems and software that control, monitor and manage traffic in rail yards and on rail lines. Our automation software means that the products we depend on in our daily lives sit around less and reach their destination more quickly. The signals in our system help prevent accidents by enhancing communication between trains and those who route them. Our technology helps transit agencies and ports improve efficiency and safety too.

Railroads large and small use our systems, which allows us to grow our company and provide jobs in Upstate New York. Ours is just one example of the commitment America’s railroads have to investments that continue to expand rail capacity and improve safety at the same time.

America’s freight railroads are on track to invest a record $26 billion of their own private capital in 2014. Those investments go into things like laying new track, buying new cars and locomotives, and installing technologies like those we develop at RailComm—products that make the safest and most efficient way to move freight even safer and more efficient.

Freight railroads today are hauling more than they have since before the recession, and to accommodate this growth they are investing more than they ever have before. That investment creates jobs at companies like RailComm that supply products and technology to railroads. It creates jobs at the railroads themselves, which are on track to hire almost 17,000 workers in 2014—nearly one in four of whom will be veterans of our nation’s military. It saves taxpayers money by reducing wear and tear on highways. It reduces the fuel consumed and pollution emitted to move freight. It brings the nation closer to energy independence and reduces prices at the pump by expanding railroads’ ability to move new U.S. sources of crude oil.

In short, rail investment is good for us all.

We at RailComm are pleased to be a growing part of the local economy, and we are honored that our technology plays a part in the efforts of freight railroads to become even more efficient and safe, benefiting us all.

Joe Denny is chairman and founder of RailComm LLC in Fairport.

12/19/14 (c) 2014 Rochester Business Journal. To obtain permission to reprint this article, call 585-546-8303 or email rbj@rbj.net.

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  1. Nice to know this, Joe. Thank you. By the way, do you perform work for Genesee Wyoming RR? I’m sure you know who they are. I have just a few shares of their stock but with my company being located out here in Caledonia (Allen-Bailey Tag & Label), I heard a long time ago that they’re a solid company; don’t use a lot of fanfare but they just keep working and doing well.

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