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Views from the Top: Jobs outlook

What is the employment outlook for your company over the next 12 months?

Since receiving the honor of a Rochester Top 100 company, we have opened a satellite winery at Eastview Mall. It is the first of its kind in the area. We have added 25 new positions to our company and will continue to add as we approach the holidays. With the support of Albany, we now have the opportunity to extend beyond our vineyard, which will help all of New York as many wineries begin their expansion projects.
—David Mansfield, Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

We have employment opportunities available and continue to explore several avenues in looking for qualified people for our customer services department.
—Philip Robinson, Insley McEntee Equipment Co. Inc.

We are still hesitant to hire significantly due to uncertainty about the economy.
—James Campbell, Viewpoint Systems Inc.

We will continue to struggle finding qualified candidates. We are implementing internal training programs for employees that have the aptitude so they can advance.
—David Wolf, Just Solutions Inc.

As construction continues to expand in the region, (we will hire) skilled craftsmen as well as qualified management.
—David Vasciannie, Steve General Contractor Inc.

We will be doing some very selective hiring.
—Joseph Burke, Vanteon Corp.

We are planning for double-digit growth in 2015 and project expansions in staff numbers and our real estate footprint to accommodate this growth.
—Katrina Beatty, ID Signsystems Inc.

We desire managed growth at Costich Engineering. We are not aiming to be the biggest. We do want to be the best at everything we do. We also believe that maintaining a variety of services for different types of projects is important. We constantly search for ideas and solutions that help our clients do a better job.
—Mark Costich, Costich Engineering, Land Surveying and Landscape Architecture P.C.

Given the difficult economic and regulatory environment, we are anticipating managing our growth with existing resources.
—J. Daniel Ayer, Custom Courier Solutions Inc.

Our employees tend to be steady and stay with us for a long time.
—Joe Fee, Fee Brothers Inc.

Gayle DeRose, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer, and I continue to invest in the company to drive growth, and are positioning the company for an outstanding 2015. The growth will result in adding several new staff positions.
—RAD DeRose, L-Tron Corp.

We will continue to invest in hiring highly talented, deeply experienced individuals that help us bring exceptional services to our clients.
—Robert Judd, Beltz Ianni & Associates LLC

We will continue to add production shifts and support staff to keep pace with our continued growth.
—Ed Maguire, cheribundi Inc.

We are constantly looking for the very best people in our industry.
—Thomas Judson, The Pike Cos.

We are very optimistic about our firm’s employment outlook, because our partners are consistently creating new opportunities for people to do different work and move up in the organization. We are continually seeking thoughtful, energetic people to join the Bonadio Group to serve clients from our many teams and subsidiaries, and we are consistently rated a best firm to work for in Rochester and in our industry.
—Thomas Bonadio, The Bonadio Group

Our outlook is very bright. MSM has reached a point in terms of reputation and buzz within our industry where we are invited to pitch new business all the time. We believe that this momentum will continue to result in new wins, and we will need to add staff to service our growing client portfolio.
—Donna Shultz, Mirror Show Management

We see our employment outlook to remain steady for the short term with additional growth in the next calendar year.
—Scott Hept, Accurate Acoustical Inc.

Stable paid staff; however, (we) anticipate attracting 10-plus quality real estate agents.
—Thomas Schnorr, Re/Max Realty Group & Re/Max 1st Commercial

I believe we will likely hire one or more additional younger attorneys.
—Stephen Schwarz, Faraci Lange LLP

We anticipate very little growth in the coming year as the housing market has cooled and borrowers who are sitting on sub 4 percent interest rates are reluctant to sell and obtain a mortgage with a higher rate. Our employment levels should remain constant for the next 12 to 18 months.
—Michael Donoghue, Premium Mortgage Corp.

In 2014, we expanded our sales force by two and have plans to add additional engineering capabilities in 2015.
—Dawn Smith, Pace Electronic Products

Honestly, our goal is sustainable growth. This means we’d like a year or two to stabilize and integrate the changes associated with four years of rapid growth. We’re entering a phase that is strategically about strengthening our team and what we offer, as preparation for the future.
—Sue Kochan, Brand Cool Marketing

We are constantly looking for good candidates to join our team.
—Sitima Fowler, Capstone Information Technologies Inc.

Fairly steady, may add one or two field installers.
—Michael Grant, Tele Data Com Inc.

We are an employee-owned firm, so our people have more than a job—they have a career with an ownership stake in our success.
—Don Waltzer, H&C Tool Supply Corp.

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