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NON-PROFIT REPORT: The Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network

The Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network Inc., a coalition of 46 religious groups, was founded in 2003 to help homeless families achieve independence. Since its founding, RAIHN has assisted 300 families, providing shelter, food, personalized case management and other services.

Homeless families are referred to RAIHN by the Monroe County Department of Human Services, the Salvation Army and other agencies. The network can accommodate up to 14 guests at once or five families, each with one or two adults and a child or children. Families are interviewed by the network’s director, a licensed social worker, before acceptance into the program. RAIHN places a strong emphasis on keeping family members together during the entire period of temporary displacement.

Once they are in the program, families spend days at the RAIHN day center and going to appointments, working to solve the problems that caused their homelessness. At 5 p.m. RAIHN’s bus takes them to one of 15 host congregations, where they are given dinner and overnight shelter. The families are picked up by the bus at 7 a.m., after having eaten breakfast and packed a lunch, and return to the day center. Children are picked up at the day center and transported to their home schools so they can maintain normal school attendance.

RAIHN’s day center and headquarters are in a house rented from Third Presbyterian Church, one of the host congregations. Guests use the center as their home while they are in the program. They can shower and do laundry there. They have access to a phone and computer to search for apartments or employment. And from the day center they can use Regional Transit Service buses with support from donations and a grant of bus passes.

The day center has three offices, three guest living rooms, three bathrooms, an attic clothing closet and storage areas for use by guests. The house currently lacks an outdoor play area for children.

The RAIHN program depends on approximately 1,800 volunteers. The host congregations generally house families for a week at a time, four times a year, and the network includes 31 more faith communities that provide volunteers and financial support. A coordinator in each congregation manages its volunteer schedule. 

RAIHN’s signature annual fundraising event is Car City, in which supporters raise donations for the network by spending the night in their cars. Car City for 2014 was held on the night of May 3 at Asbury First United Methodist Church, another of RAIHN’s host congregations.

The network has two full-time and two part-time employees, and Nancy Elliott is its director. The office is at 34 Meigs St., and the website is www.raihn.org.

Financial record    Year ended Dec. 31, 2013
Revenue    %
Foundations and corporations    $95,908    46
Religious and civic organizations    53,615    26
Individual contributions    25,956    12
Government contracts    23,800    11
Fundraising    10,741    5
Investment income    76    less than 1
Total revenue    $210,096    100

Expenses    %
Pay and benefits    $110,961    63
Occupancy    14,060    8
Guest-related expenses    13,762    8
Professional fees    10,630    6
General and management costs    7,421    4
Van capital expense    4,310    2
Training    3,400    2
Computer, software, telephone, fax    3,272    2
Consumable program supplies    2,248    1
Fundraising    1,254    1
Other    5,665    3
Total expenses    $176,983    100
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses    $33,113

Board of Directors
Bill Tierney, chairman
Roderic Frohman, vice chairman
George Gray, treasurer
Joanne Ligtenberg, secretary
Chad Ernisse
Nancy Frank
Jennifer Isaac
Bill Jones
David Poland
Brad Rye
Leslie Sellers
Carole Teegarden
Kathleen Weber
Sandra Zollars

—Researched by James Leunk

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