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Minority-Owned Businesses

Information was provided by minority-owned firms that responded to an e-mail or fax survey. The list includes businesses of which minorities own 40 persent or more. View list.

1  Cannon Industries Inc.
2  Datrose Inc.
3  FM Office Express Inc.
4  Ravi Engineering & Land Surveying P.C.
5  Popli Design Group
6  ICS Telecom Inc.
7  Manufacturing Solutions Inc.
8  EIC Industries Inc.
9  Larsen Engineers
10  MGM Insulation Inc.
11  Panther Graphics Inc.
12  Steve General Contractor Inc.
13  Pavilion Drainage Supply Co. Inc.
14  Bexley Co. Inc.
15  D.A. Smith and Associates LLC
16  Plaz-x Manufacturing LLC
17  Environmental Sciences Group


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