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Majority prefers Brooks for Monroe County executive

If this year’s election for Monroe County executive were held today, 57 percent of RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents say they would support incumbent Maggie Brooks, a Republican.
Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel last week announced her intention to run for county executive this fall. Brooks has not officially declared her intention to seek re-election.
Frankel, a Democrat, has been Brighton supervisor since 1992 and was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in 1998. Brooks has been county executive since January 2004. Before that she served as county clerk and county legislator.
Among respondents who identified themselves as Democrats, 81 percent favor Frankel and 19 support Brooks.
Those who identified themselves as Republicans support Brooks by 79 percent to 21 percent.
Among those who said they are not affiliated with one of the two major parties, 57 percent favor Brooks, compared with 43 percent for Frankel.
Forty percent of poll respondents identified themselves as Republicans versus 26 percent Democrats and 34 percent non-affiliated or members of other parties. The latest state Board of Elections data for active voters in Monroe County shows the following breakdown: Democrat, 39.4 percent; Republican, 31.1 percent; non-affiliated, 22.9 percent; other parties, 6.6 percent.
Roughly 860 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted May 9 and 10.

If the election for Monroe County executive were held today with Republican Maggie Brooks and Democrat Sandra Frankel as the candidates, whom would you support?

Maggie Brooks:
Sandra Frankel:

What is your political affiliation?


Sandy Frankel has an unblemished public record of service. She is our only hope to take the corruption and mismanagement out of our county. I do not want county employees repairing Republican donors’ homes again-i.e. the Robutrad Corp. scandal. I do not want county airport employees going to strip clubs and buying more than $10,000 worth of cigars at my expense. The list goes on and on.
  -Dorothy Drahzal
It appears many folks are having a good time while on the job using county payroll. Can we say ethics? Airport? Sports complex? Common players and participants all under one umbrella. Need to change it up a bit.
  -Dave Sluberski
Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel is open and intelligent in her contact with people and issues. She listens, and challenges persons who bring concerns to her. It is clear that she cares about and attends to the business of the town of Brighton. Yet she continues to assist city dwellers in projects and programs that promote unity in Greater Rochester.
  -David Anderson, chairman, Rochester-Monroe County Freedom Trail Commission
Ms. Brooks has often complained that she should not be judged by a "few bad apples" in her administration. Given the latest Airport Authority scandal, it is more like a whole bushel of bad apples. Ethics training for county employees has no impact on authority members, since they are not employees.
  -Frank Muscato

It is one scandal after another in Republican-controlled Monroe County. But I know that it would be worse under Democratic leadership. The absolute corruption and dysfunction of New York State is the perfect example of total Democratic control. There is too much cronyism in the Monroe County Republican Party; they need to flush out the old guard and bring in some young leaders with new ideas who aren’t beholden to the old guard. Republicans always eat their young in order to hold on to power.
  -Dave Iadanza, Farmington

The Brooks record: eight years of stealth tax hikes, back-door deals, scandals, dodges, excuses. The Frankel record: 20 years of open government, fiscal stability, no scandals.
  -Dave Garretson
As an independent voter, the choice for county executive is clearly Maggie Brooks. I think Maggie must get more aggressive in reducing the county budget, possibly through a financial control board or an emergency austerity budget. Sandy Frankel is a good person, but the last thing this county needs is a county executive who agrees with President Obama, Louise Slaughter and Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand’s Keynesian economic policies that are putting this country into bankruptcy and economic stagnation. These policies are putting the burden of the excesses of government and the public unions on the backs of the middle class who pay income taxes. Until there is a better choice, vote for Maggie Brooks.
  -John Rynne, president, Rynne, Murphy & Associates Inc.
I Would support neither. We need a change from the Republican/Democrat machine.
  -Carmen Nais, Nais Consulting

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  1. Nicholas Coffee

    This poll isn’t actually representative of the voter base. If you correct for the fact that democrats were sampled at a much lower rate than republicans vs. their registration numbers than these numbers flip putting Sandy Frankel in the lead. After all of the scandals and taxpayer money wasted on legal fees I’m not surprised. It will be interesting to see which party turns out the vote better.

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