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Poll: Cuomo edges Paladino in gubernatorial contest

If the state gubernatorial election were held today, a plurality of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say they would vote for Democrat Andrew Cuomo—and his running mate, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.

Cuomo, the state attorney general, topped Republican Carl Paladino by a three-point margin, 45 percent to 42 percent.

In a Snap Poll conducted in September after Paladino beat former Rep. Rick Lazio in the GOP primary, respondents favored the Buffalo developer by a 10-point margin.

Seven percent of respondents in this week’s poll said they would pick Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich. Jimmy McMillan, candidate of the Rent Is 2 Damn High Party, garnered 3 percent of the vote.

Also on the ballot next week are two U.S. Senate races. In the Snap Poll, Republican Joseph DioGuardi edged Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, 51 percent to 46 percent. Respondents favored Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer over Republican Jay Townsend, 50 percent to 48 percent, in the other Senate race.

In the comptroller’s contest, 70 percent of Snap Poll respondents plan to vote for Republican Harry Wilson over incumbent Democrat Thomas DiNapoli, who was favored by 27 percent.

In the statewide race to pick a successor to Cuomo as attorney general, 59 percent of poll participants backed Republican Dan Donovan over Democrat Eric Schneiderman, the pick of 37 percent.

More than 840 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Oct. 25 and 26. To see the full results, go to RBJdaily.com.

If the 2010 election for governor were held today, whom would you vote for?
Andrew Cuomo (Democratic, Independence, Working Families): 45%
Carl Paladino (Republican, Conservative, Taxpayers): 42%
Warren Redlich (Libertarian): 7%
Jimmy McMillan (Rent is 2 Damn High): 3%
Howie Hawkins (Green): 2%
Kristin Davis (Anti-Prohibition): 1%
Charles Barron (Freedom): less than 1%

If the 2010 election for U.S. Senate were held today, whom would you vote for?
Joseph DioGuardi (Republican, Conservative): 51%
Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic, Independence, Working Families): 46%
Other: 3%

If the 2010 election for U.S. Senate were held today, whom would you vote for?
Charles Schumer (Democratic, Independence, Working Families): 50%
Jay Townsend (Republican, Conservative): 48%
Other: 2%

If the 2010 election for New York attorney general were held today, whom would you vote for?
Dan Donovan (Republican, Conservative): 59%
Eric Schneiderman (Democratic, Independence, Working Families): 37%
Other: 4%

If the 2010 election for New York comptroller were held today, whom would you vote for?
Harry Wilson (Republican, Independence, Conservative): 70%
Thomas DiNapoli (Democratic, Working Families): 27%
Other: 3%

What is your political affiliation?
Republican: 37%
Non-affiliated: 32%
Democrat: 25%
Other: 5%

While it is discouraging to have to cast my vote in a manner that still leaves me frustrated and doubtful in my candidate selections, the unfortunate fact remains that given the dysfunctional structure of our government, an experienced and seasoned politician is still a better option than a rogue, inexperienced, want-to-be politician who will be swallowed up by the status-quo political system. The change we need is a new political system, not just new faces to play the same ineffective roles.
—James E. DeVoe, president/CEO, Seniorsfirst Communities and Services

New York is quite simply broken. I don’t believe any of the major party “Republicrats” can fix it. Therefore, I am voting for third parties across the board.
—Jon LaRue

I wouldn’t have the courage to admit I voted for someone like Carl Paladino. Can’t the Republicans find someone who’s sane to run for governor?
—Pete Bonenfant, Fairport

If the politicians that have been embedded in this government are re-elected again, it will prove two things. First, the majority of voters are delusional. Second, the producers in New York are outnumbered by the takers.
—Todd Black, Black’s Hardware

New York is gone. There is no saving this state. The people are addicted to social slavery.
—Karl Schuler

Although I am a registered Democrat, I am tired of the tax-and-spend policies of this state and the federal government. New York has been run by Democrats for too long, and it shows in our tax rates. Welfare and Medicaid reform are top priorities for me.
—C. Baars, West Henrietta

At this point in our state’s history, we have no other choice than Mr. Paladino if we want to see any positive change in Albany. Nothing will change at all with Cuomo.
—Peter Caines

Some of these candidates have my enthusiastic support. Others, not so much. However, in those cases, there is not a viable and reasonable alternative. In my opinion, both major parties need to do better in recruiting candidates at every level.
—David Englert, Sodus

Horrific crimes and weekly murders. Our social programs are not working due to no accountability, and benefits that far outweigh the options available in other states. Does anyone remember the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and how it happened?
—Rich Mileo

Folks, it’s time to vote any and all incumbents out of office. A clean slate with term limits, no special health programs, no retirement, $100,000 limited wage while in office, and cannot work for the government, lobby or (work for a) company soliciting any business or consulting work to any government agency for six years after their term ends. That’s the only way you’ll clean up the snake pit.
—Jim Duke, Victor 

I am fiscally conservative and a social issue-wise liberal. I find a huge percentage of those I know feel the same. I would like to thank the Democrats for offering no substantial alternative to what they now give us, the Republicans for offering no alternative whatsoever and the other parties for providing an immense amount of humor to an otherwise worthless campaign season. As for me, some guy named Nero needs a drummer for his string band.
—Bill Lanigan, Chamberlin Rubber

NYS government needs an enema!
—Daniel Mossien, architect

As an independent and former Democrat, I have always voted for the person, not the party. For the governor, U.S. Senate, state attorney general and state comptroller, I’m voting for the Conservative candidates: Carl Paladino, Joe DioGuardi, Jay Townsend, Dan Donovan and Harry Wilson. These candidates represent a chance for real change. The current state and U.S. governments no longer represent the majority of working people. The Democrats running for these specific offices are putting the out-of-control spending on the backs of the majority of workers who are non-union to benefit the government class, public unions and some large private unions. Carl Paladino will work hard to reduce spending by 20 percent and cut taxes by 10 percent, cut Medicaid by $20 billion, cut the size of government, reduce government employee compensation to level of private sector, institute term limits, and drastically reform education. Andrew Cuomo represents the existing power structure in Albany. He’s against real change and will maintain the status quo. DioGuardi and Townsend will work against the spending and harmful legislation that Schumer and Gillibrand are constantly perpetrating on America.
—John Rynne, president, Rynne, Murphy & Associates, Inc.

I am tempted to vote for "The Rent is 2 Damn High" party, but they are obviously NYC orientated. I really just want to vote against "Status Cuomo."
—Joe Fabetes, Rochester

I think it’s time for a real change in Albany, and I am willing to take a chance on Carl Paladino. He is not polished and is not a career politico. I like that! I want results, not platitudes. I think he will deliver. I think the other choices mean more of the same!
—George Thomas, Ogden

I think this year will be a record for the number of people voting in a non-presidential election year. Never have I heard more people totally disenchanted with the dysfunctional state government. Mr. Cuomo is the obvious choice for governor, as Mr. Paladino may have good intentions but is not a man I want as my governor. Cuomo has accepted a large amount of contributions from lobbyists and unions, and because of this I wonder if he will make the tough decisions to represent the "people of New York State." I think Tom Golisano could have been a real challenger this year and he knows fiscal discipline.
—Tony Schmitt, Fairport

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  1. Like many above, I am unhappy with my choices for governor from the two major parties. Because of the Oct. 18 debate, I learned about Warren Redlich. Like many, I was “entertained” by a number of candidates, “discouraged” by the two from the major parties, and “intrigued and impressed” by the Libertarian candidate, Warren Redlich, who was articulate as he expressed CONCRETE ideas for reducing spending in NY. I decided to learn more. As it turns out, he is by far, the best fit for my conservative fiscal view and more liberal &quotsocial&quot views (although his MAIN FOCUS is on the finances). I have finally found someone I WANT to vote for, instead of someone I”m settling on as the lesser of two evils, because I”m trying to prevent someone I like less from winning. For those who are displeased with your gubernatorial choices from the two main political parties, I encourage you to take even just 30 minutes today to go to Warren’s website or his Facebook site to learn more. You just might find that Redlich is a third party candidate you can vote for and then sleep better Tuesday night, because you voted for who you felt was RIGHT instead of the lesser of two evils. I know I WILL sleep better Tuesday night.

  2. It looks like I’m not the only one who isn’t happy with the choices for governor from the top two parties. Because of the debate on Oct. 18th, I learned about Warren Redlich, Libertarian. The other two parties have lost me….I’m voting for Redlich. I like his concrete examples for how to cut costs, and I trust with his focus on spending, he’ll be looking for more examples of costs to cut.

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