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Snap Poll: Majority supports Republican control of County Legislature

The majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say they want Republicans to remain in control of the Monroe County Legislature, where the GOP currently has a 15-14 majority.

One looming issue in this year’s elections is the Robutrad Corp. scandal, which broadened last week when former Deputy County Executive James Smith was charged with official misconduct in a six-count misdemeanor indictment. Last month, charges were brought against Andrew Moore, executive director of the Monroe County Republican Committee.

Republican County Executive Maggie Brooks reiterated last week that her administration "launched the investigation of Robutrad" and that "no one in county government is protected from scrutiny or prosecution."

In spite of that, nearly 70 percent of respondents said the Robutrad scandal would hurt the GOP’s chances of retaining the majority in the Legislature.

Some 720 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Oct. 12 and 13.

Which party do you want in control of the Monroe County Legislature after this year’s elections?
 Republicans: Democrats:
 54% 46%

In your opinion, will the Robutrad scandal hurt the Republicans’ chances of retaining the County Legislature majority?
 Yes: No:
 69% 31%

What is your political affiliation?
 Republican: Non-affiliated: Democrat: Other:
 37% 33% 27% 3%

The state and national Democrats and current administration have damaged the local Democrats’ ability to gain leverage. This year will prove to be a Republican gain as frustration mounts.
-M. Pell

I want the party that represents the taxpayers to win. I want the party that understands the phrase "fiscal responsibility" to win. I want the party that will employ people who actually know how to manage other people and projects. I want the party to win that understands what "under budget" means and the benefits of that.
-Lou Romano

The Robutrad affair is clearly a black eye for the Republicans.
-Stuart Small,
Pittsford Insurance Agency LLC

The Robutrad scandal, following on the heels of the Renaissance Square debacle, raises serious questions about Republican leadership. Self-dealing in one case and flat-out incompetence in the other hardly qualifies the Republican leadership to carry a "pro-business" mantle.
-Pam Klainer, founder,
Klainer Holdings LLC

I think a balance is good, and with the city of Rochester being under Democratic leadership, the county should be under Republican. In the past several years, barring a few exceptions, Brooks and Duffy have worked well together and shown cooperation across party lines. I think if one party controlled both, it would polarize the community and lead to claims of partisan politics. I feel each party has good and bad people; to vote for or against someone based solely on what another person in their party did is wrong.
-Tom Walpole, CPA

Good government is not about partisan control. Good government is about serving the people in the areas of public security and protection of individual rights, infrastructure, sound policy and fiscal responsibility, which are the very areas where both of the two major parties fail the people.
-G. Poyzer

I suspect that many voters will be re-examining their votes as a consequence of many events, and not just the Robutrad scandal. Our recent history has been riddled by official malfeasance, poor judgment and political manipulation. Fast ferry (Johnson), Renaissance Square (Brooks and Duffy), Greece police (everyone missed the signals), Greece schools construction mismanagement (clearly a safety issue), and then we can look at our state government-crooked controllers, adulterous governor, leaderless Legislature, etc., etc. … Robutrad is just the tip of the iceberg.
-Dennis Kiriazides, Xerox Corp., retired

The option you failed to offer and should have presented was "Forget party affiliation and vote the individual who could advance the causes of the county. Both political parties are equally corrupt!"
-J.A. DePaolis

I believe that county government needs a shakeup to remind politicians they are responsible to the voters and cannot take advantage of their position in government for personal gain. It seems the Republican Party in Rochester feels that taxpayer money can be spent on them.
-Mike Knox

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