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Chevy Equinox marks milestone

The Chevrolet Equinox—powered by fuel cells built at General Motors Corp.’s site in Honeoye Falls—hit its millionth mile Friday.

Project Driveway, which tests fuel-cell viability in 100 vehicles locally, as well as in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, began in November 2007.

The vehicles, driven for two-month periods by more than 5,000 volunteers, run on electricity created by an onboard fuel-cell stack. The cars require roughly 4 kilograms of compressed hydrogen—enough for nearly 170 miles of driving—and can be refilled at a hydrogen station in Honeoye Falls.

“It has never been our focus to get a million miles, but it’s given us an incredible learning experience,” said Project Driveway manager Mark Vann. “This says a lot about the viability of fuel cell vehicles—that they are not one or two decades away but are doable today.”

GM estimates some 50,000 gallons of gasoline have been saved since Project Driveway began.

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