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State government receives low grades from readers

98% disapprove of Senate’s overall performance

Gov. David Paterson and the state Senate and Assembly get very low marks from readers, with the Senate receiving the lowest approval rating: a mere 2 percent. The governor’s 23 percent approval rating was highest of the three.
Respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll graded the overall performance of state government so far this year. In January, the Democrats took control of the state Senate for the first time in more than 40 years. In April, Gov. David Paterson and the Democratic leaders of the Senate and Assembly reached agreement on a $132 billion budget that raised spending by $10.5 billion, although they said it also closed a nearly $18 billion deficit for 2009-10.
Then on June 8, maneuvering by a Republican-dominated coalition toppled the Democratic Senate majority; as a result, the two parties have been locked in a power struggle for nearly one month.
“The sad thing about the situation in Albany is that while people in this state are losing their jobs or being forced to take time off without pay, (elected officials) are getting paid to do nothing,” writes John Esposito of Gleason Corp.
“Overall grade: F,” writes Stuart Small of Pittsford Insurance Agency LLC.
Roughly 945 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted July 6 and 7.

What is your opinion of Gov. David Paterson’s overall performance?

Strongly disapprove: 45%
Disapprove: 32%
Approve: 19%
Strongly approve: 4%

What is your opinion of the state Senate’s overall performance?

Strongly disapprove: 84%
Disapprove: 14%
Approve: 1%
Strongly approve: 1%

What is your opinion of the state Assembly’s overall performance?

Strongly disapprove: 59%
Disapprove: 30%
Approve: 10%
Strongly approve: 1%


All currently elected New York State politicians should be removed from office. Not only are they dysfunctional; they simply don’t function. I will vote against every incumbent and will work to get their opponents elected. Shame on them, and shame on us for electing them in the first place.
-Antonino Barbagallo, Foto-AB Inc.

It is time to send a clear message to these career politicians who are interested merely in keeping the gig, nothing more.
-John Donohue, Merkel Donohue

They should be ashamed of themselves. Five-year-old children behave better! We voted them in-shame on us. I hope we remember this come election time and vote them out. They don’t represent us. The Senate, Assembly and governor only look out after themselves. -Mary Spurrier, M. Spurrier Financial Services

The governor and the people of New York are being held hostage by the members of the Senate in a way that reminds me of the boy who had the only football in the neighborhood. When the other boys would not play by his rules, he took the ball home with him. Our state senators are continuing to tarnish the image of New York State. Shall we consider a recall election process? -David Ackroyd, retired educator

It was my belief that refusal to perform in New York State was grounds for dismissal from a position without unemployment benefits. Shouldn’t our elected officials be held to the same standard as all other New York employees who do not perform to expectations?
-Nancy May

It is disgusting to continue to see how the little boys in Albany play together. Their actions or lack of only proves that it is all about themselves and not the people of New York. I am having a very difficult time thinking that I would support any incumbents at election time, and that includes Paterson. Besides needing a change of people in Albany, we need to make a change in term limits and get rid of once and for all the “old boys’ club” headed by (Sheldon) Silver.
-Grant Osman

I will not vote for any incumbents in the upcoming elections until all are removed from office.
-Kathie Cahill, Net Sales

Term limits, anyone? -David Schiffhauer

There are not enough pathetic, disgusting, horrible adjectives in the dictionary to describe their performance.
-R. Barton

New York’s leadership at all levels has been self-serving and dysfunctional for years, but this year it has reached an all-time low! We all deserve what we get for electing every one of them. It isn’t that our guy is OK and the rest are bad-they are all bad and deserve being recalled.
-Dave Coriale

07/10/09 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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