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Snap Poll: 93% agree with Spitzer’s decision to leave office

A whopping 93 percent of readers participating in the RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll conducted Wednesday afternoon agree with Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s decision to resign. Spitzer announced his resignation shortly before noon on Wednesday, two days after news reports identified him as a client of a prostitution ring. Lt. Gov. David Paterson is slated to replace him, effective Monday.
Spitzer’s proposed budget for 2008-09 included a $1 billion upstate revitalization program, including $50 million to demolish Midtown Plaza and $25 million as part of $50 million in state funding for a clinical and translational science center at the University of Rochester. The majority of poll respondents-69 percent-think Spitzer’s resignation will have no impact on plans for Midtown and efforts to revitalize Upstate New York.
Poll respondents were split on approval of Spitzer before news of the scandal broke. A Siena College Research Institute poll in February said Spitzer’s favorability rating fell with a plurality of voters having an unfavorable view of him. But 53 percent of Snap Poll participants said they approved of his overall performance. That is down slightly from a 58 percent approval rating in June 2007, after his first six months in office.
More than 1,030 readers took part in the poll, conducted shortly after Spitzer’s resignation announcement.

Do you think Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s decision to resign was the right one?
Yes 93%
No 7%

In your opinion, what impact is Spitzer’s resignation likely to have on plans for Midtown Plaza and efforts to revitalize the upstate economy?
No impact 69%
Negative 27%
Positive 4%

Prior to the scandal that prompted Spitzer’s resignation, what was your opinion of his overall performance as governor?
Strongly approve 7%
Approve 46%
Disapprove 34%
Strongly disapprove 14%


For actions to be this far away from dialog, you really have to question everything this guy has ever said!
-John Midolo, Irondequoit

How can we, the citizens of New York, trust someone to lead us who has so blatantly betrayed the trust of those closest to him, his wife and children?
-Arnold G. Boldt, Arnold-Smith Associates

I am deeply saddened, both by what Mr. Spitzer has done, and I am also saddened because of how this revelation has affected his career. I had such high hopes for Eliot Spitzer, because he seemed to be very different than the rest of the politicians. I used to think that there was no one like Eliot Spitzer, and I am sad that I was apparently incorrect. This is truly a sad time for NYS.
-Joyce Ellis

Let’s hope this very unfortunate turn of events does not put Spitzer’s plans for upstate revitalization on hold, and that Paterson can step up and prove himself as a strong leader to navigate us through these uncertain times.
-Lester Wilson, Midlakes Management Corp.

I believe that Gov. Spitzer was on track with helping the upstate economy. I am saddened by the recent turn of events. I am hopeful that Lt. Gov. Paterson can keep the momentum going. There are a lot of positive plans in place, and I’d like to see them brought to fruition.
-Nicole Mahoney, A2Z Marketing

03/14/08 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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