What is your opinion of County Executive Maggie Brooks’ overall performance?

27% Strongly approve
38% Approve
26% Disapprove
9% Strongly disapprove

What is your opinion of Mayor Robert Duffy’s overall performance?
42% Strongly approve
48% Approve
8% Disapprove
2% Strongly disapprove

Poll conducted 12/31/2007


Both deserve at least a B+ in my book. Both are willing to consider, evaluate and implement thoughtful and creative solutions (the so-called but unfortunately named F.A.I.R. plan and the city curfew, to name two) to our region’s issues. This is leadership, not being content to do the same old, same old.
-David Lamb,

I applaud (the city’s) “Zero Tolerance” as a necessary step. Guiliani did the same in NYC and look at the impact it had. I also appreciate the fact that the city is trying to manage the costs as effectively as possible. As for what to do in the future, I think the community needs to decide how it wants to allocate its resources and what its priorities are. The county exec has made a tough call-the F.A.I.R. plan-and I think, if you get past the hype, it raises a number of good questions. Are our schools a good value for the investment and how to pay for them? Likewise, how do we manage the growing needs and costs for the current system of entitlements?
-Jim Baker
Foundation Design

The job they are doing is as good as can be expected. We need to look to the state government for leadership when it comes to economic development (and) fiscal management. Local government can only do so much..
-Antonino Barbagallo,
Foto-AB Inc.

As long as Maggie Brooks’ critics are upset because she stands fast against raising taxes, she has my vote.
-Marty Van Dussen
01/04/08 (C) Rochester BUSINESS JOURNAL


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