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Snap poll results

Do you favor enacting a state law capping annual local property tax increases?

82% Yes
18% No

Poll conducted 12/17 – 12/18


We moved here from New Orleans. Our property taxes here are EIGHT times what they were in NOLA. Quite a shock.
-Cheryl Henke

That will not work, unless unfunded mandates from the state of New York are permanently stopped. In Ontario County 80 percent of the 2008 property tax levy is a direct result of unfunded mandates by the state of New York.
-Ted Fafinski, supervisor, town of Farmington

I’m an ex-Californian (30 years out west), but I love New York. Property taxes, however, are out of control. My suggestion is a cap at 2 percent of market value, limited to 2 percent increase per year subsequent to the purchase of the home. Make the state figure how to backfill the first year and let the locals divide it up after that. For some of the state (except places like Monroe County, at 2.7 percent) a 2 percent cap would not cause a dramatic hit to local revenues. The key is to base spending on taxes-not the other way around.
-Bob Torzynski, Greece

Not only should property taxes be capped, but there should a concerted effort to bring them down, especially when it comes to New York State and local school districts’ spending. As I travel throughout the country, I have come to realize that we are the highest-taxed residents in the country. … We have all the elements for future growth as long as we can find ways to control taxes while pursuing efficiencies that will eventually reduce them.
-Joseph Rulison

When we attempted to hire an executive from out of state to move to Rochester, the shock of the real estate taxes killed the deal. We need to finance our schools by some other method than real estate taxes. Many other states do it. Thousands of our best people are voting against our outrageous taxes with their feet by leaving Rochester and Upstate New York.
-Wally Krapf, CEO, Magnatag Visible Systems

12/21/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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