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Snap poll results

Do you think the Thruway toll hikes are justified?

6% Yes
3% Only the 10% hike scheduled to take place in January
8% Only the 5% hikes proposed for 2009 and 2010
83% No

How concerned are you about the potential impact of Thruway toll hikes on your business?

31% Very concerned
32% somewhat concerned
20% Not very concerned
17% Not at all concerned

Poll conducted 12/10 – 12/11


The Thruway faces declining revenues from reduced traffic because of the current cost of tolls, then add the cost of diesel fuel, fuel taxes, user fees and registrations, to name a few. There would be no need for these increases if the canal system’s costs were placed elsewhere. Users cannot absorb these costs.
-Paul DeCarolis, DeCarolis Truck Rental Inc.

The state Legislature needs to step in and take some responsibility. If what the Thruway Authority says is true that the Erie Canal is a financial burden, then the state should buy it back and figure out how to fund it. To place the burden upon people that use the Thruway to pay for the canal does not make sense to me. I do believe there are cost-cutting measures that the authority could take to make the Thruway system more efficient. Thruway tolls were to have been eliminated 10 years ago. What happened to that concept?
-Robert W. Hurlbut, ROHM Services Corp.

My father-in law was an attorney for the state of New York when the Thruway was developed. He often spoke of the fact that the toll was a temporary means of helping pay for the construction of the roadway. The Thruway was never intended to have permanent tolls.
-Carol Davison, senior vice president, Archer Communications

12/14/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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