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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Should New York allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses?

83% No

17% Yes


Illegal immigrants are certainly human beings and should be treated with dignity. But as illegal immigrants they should be returned to country of origin until they qualify for legal citizenship.
-Bill Hughes, CEO, HPA Consulting Group Inc.

When an American citizen breaks certain laws, his license is revoked as punishment. When a person breaks the law by having entered our country illegally, he is rewarded with a driver’s license. Does this make any sense?
-Frank Dombrowski, Gage-Line Technology Inc.

It’s misleading and will likely skew the survey results to refer to “illegal immigrants,” many of whom are undocumented through no fault of their own (e.g. entered the U.S. with their parents when they were young) or who are here legally, but are ineligible for a Social Security number. Without relaxing the NYS driver’s license rules, the recently imposed SSA rules restricting Social Security number issuance to those who are actually employed in the U.S. will leave many legal and legitimate non-immigrant visitors unable to obtain either a NYS-issued ID or a federal tax ID number. … Gov. Spitzer’s proposal strikes me as a prudent attempt to inject some common sense into the myopic maze.
-Cary Jensen, University of Rochester

As a legal alien in this country, I find it offending and unfair that illegal immigrants are getting the same rights, without putting in the same time and effort I did in order to become a contributing member of this society. … In an equitable legal system, the law either applies to all, or applies to none!
-Rami Katz

Spitzer must have lost his mind. Issuing driver’s licenses to illegals is bad in many ways, but it will most certainly cause a huge migration of illegals to NYS. I also think it legitimizes breaking the law-illegal immigrants are just that: illegal. And he used to be our attorney general? This must be fought and fought hard.
-David Wagner, Vanteon Corp.

10/12/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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