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Daily Report Snap Poll results

Do you support Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks’ F.A.I.R. budget plan?

61% no

39% yes

Poll conducted 10/1


So the county figured out a way to balance its budget by unbalancing all of the budgets for the school districts in the area. Very clever! … Really, though it’s not the fault of Ms. Brooks. How could anyone deal with a budget in which 80 percent is already mandated to this, that or the other by the state? You’re not going to make much headway on balancing any budget using the just remaining 20 percent.
-Bob Fischl, Honeoye Falls

Once again, it’s a shell game. I find it interesting that Ms. Brooks justifies this move as a rejection of the state’s unfunded mandates, yet her response is to mandate unfunded changes to the local schools.
-Scott Ireland

Change is needed and “business as usual” will never get the job done. Time to seriously look into municipal government as a long-term solution. This is essentially a shell game, but at least it is changing the balance.
-Duane Piede, NCEA

I think her plan is brilliant. A hike in the County’s property tax would be devastating for our residents. The fix for our public schools is not more money but a change in the process and infrastructure.
-Gary Rogers, Dock Hardware

Taking away funding from suburban schools will eventually only increase our already extremely high taxes. Lawmakers in not only this county but this state are making it extremely difficult for current residents of New York to want to stay here.
-Jennifer Catleugh, The Employment Store

I believe the reason government cost so much in New York State is because of mission overlap. There are many services provided or funded by multiple branches of the government. I don’t believe it makes sense to use county taxes to fund school districts. School districts have their own budgets.
-Steve Vaughn

Dropping support to the county school districts is inexcusable, and her insistence on putting a happy face on this is disgusting.
-Matthew D. Wilson

10/05/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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