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Rochester Business Hall of Fame past inductees


— John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, who co-founded global eye-care leader Bausch & Lomb Inc.;
— Chester Carlson whose revolutionary invention launched Xerox Corp.;
— George Eastman, below, who built Eastman Kodak Co., once Rochester’s largest employer;
— Frank Gannett, founder of media giant Gannett Co. Inc.;
— James Gleason, who has made Gleason Corp. a world leader in its field;
— Kate Gleason, a business trailblazer;
— Thomas Golisano, Paychex Inc. founder and Rochester’s first billionaire;
— Marvin and Richard Sands, the father-and-son team whose Constellation Brands Inc. now is the world’s largest wine company;
— Austin Steward, a pioneering businessman and abolitionist;
— Robert Wegman, below, creator of the Wegmans Food Markets Inc. supermarket empire; and
— Joseph Wilson, who led Xerox to worldwide renown.

— Matthew Augustine, owner of Eltrex Industries, founded as a response to Rochester’s 1964 race riots;
— Ernest Del Monte, chairman and CEO of E.J. Del Monte Corp.;
— Frederick Douglass, a former slave who became an orator, politician and newspaper publisher of national renown;
— Jacob Freeman, orphaned Hungarian immigrant who co-founded clothier Hickey-Freeman;
— Martha Matilda Harper, founder of the country’s first franchising operation and a proponent of women in business;
— Jeremiah Hickey, right, co-founder of Hickey-Freeman, one of the most successful clothing manufacturers of its time;
— Nelson Leenhouts, co-chairman of Home Properties Inc., which owns or manages some 50,000 residential units in 13 states;
— Norman Leenhouts, co-chairman of Home Properties;
— Nathaniel Rochester, founder of Rochester; and
— Hiram Sibley, founder of Western Union Telegraph Co.


— Burton August, co-founder of Monro Muffler Brake Inc., an industry leader;
— Charles August, former Midas Muffler franchisee who co-founded Monro Muffler Brake Inc. with his brother;
— John D. Brush, who built Sentry Group from a Depression-era start;
— Bal Dixit, founder and chairman of Newtex Industries Inc., who built a global firm on his substitute for asbestos;
— George Ellwanger, who established and co-ran the world-famous Mt. Hope Garden and Nurseries in the 19th century;
— Patrick Barry, who co-ran Mt. Hope Garden and Nurseries, helping to develop it into the world’s largest such operation;
— James Wilmot, right, who founded Wilmorite Properties Inc. in 1950; and
— Louise Woerner, owner, chairman and CEO of Home Care of Rochester, which she founded in 1978.


— Ralph Cantisano, whose family introduced the popular Ragu brand of pasta sauce and who formed and led Cantisano Foods Inc.;
— Howard Coles, whose newspaper, the Frederick Douglass Voice, gave Rochester’s African-American community its public voice;
— Max Farash, who transformed a commercial air-conditioning business into one of the region’s leading construction and real estate development firms;
— Philip Nothnagle, owner and chairman of Nothnagle Realtors and founder of Nothnagle Home Securities Corp., the first non-bank mortgage lender licensed in New York;
— Philip Saunders, who has steered a wide range of enterprises, including the Sugar Creek chain of convenience stores, W.W. Griffith Oil Corp. and Truckstops of America; and
— Ritter Shumway, left, who assembled a manufacturing empire that culminated in the creation of Sybron Corp.


— Ronald Fielding, left, who helped pioneer changes that made municipal bond funds popular nationwide;
— R. Wayne LeChase, who grew his firm into one of the top 20 construction companies in the Northeast;
— John Riedman, who built one of the nation’s top privately held insurance companies;
— Ezra Andrews and James Briggs, who were the early leaders of Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co.;
— Thomas Gosnell, who grew Lawyers Cooperative into the second-largest law book publisher in the United States; and
— Francis and George French, below, whose ingenuity made French’s Mustard an American food classic.


— Morton Adams, who helped a partnership of small canners and a farmers’ cooperative grew into a firm that now is nearly a $1 billion business;
— Laurence Glazer and Harold Samloff, who built Rochester’s largest real estate developer and property management firm;
— Dennis and Laurence Kessler, who created an eatery empire boasting nearly 70 restaurants;
— T. Carl Nixon and Thomas Hargrave, who spearheaded the growth of the city’s largest law firm; and
— Walter Parkes, who built one of New York’s largest electrical contractors.

09/28/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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