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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Do you think further investigation into how Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s office used State Police to gather information about Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno is warranted?

59% yes
41% no

Spitzer has said he personally had no knowledge of the actions taken by his aides in this matter. Do you believe him?

36% yes
64% no

Do you think this controversy will seriously impair Spitzer’s ability to lead in Albany?

41% yes
59% no



With all of the serious issues facing our state, this ranks somewhere around page 589 on the list of “Ways to Spend the Taxpayers Dollars.” Let’s get to work on solving some of the problems that are forcing New York residents to pack up and leave for greener pastures rather than sink further into political bickering and legislative stagnation. For Pete’s sake, the ship is sinking and these guys are fighting over who gets to steer!
-Scott Maxson, agency principal, MoneyMax Group LLC

Gov. Spitzer is aggressive-that’s why we elected him to the post. Our do-nothing legislators, like Sen. Bruno, are indignant that anyone would dare challenge their ability to skirt the very laws that they control. So he puffs his feathers and squawks loudly, hoping you don’t notice the investigation targeting Bruno for accepting the New York Racing lobbyist’s illegal gifts.
-Joseph Lancaster, president, Navalis Co. Inc.

The corruption and rot run pretty deep in Albany.
-Chris Meisenzahl

Although I did not vote for Spitzer, I believe him to be a man of integrity, as is evidenced by his suspension of one aide and transfer of another. Further investigation would be a waste of taxpayer time and money.
-Linda Uebelacker, Catholic Family Center

08/10/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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