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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Do you think the Monroe County Democrats’ failure to field a candidate to run against County Executive Maggie Brooks reflects poorly on them?

75% yes
25% no

total responses: 595

In the battle for control of the county Legislature, which party is likely to benefit most from Maggie Brooks running unopposed?

62% Republicans
14% Democrats
24% Neither

Poll conducted 7/30-7/31


For a position as important as county executive it is inexcusable not to field a candidate; it shows a clear lack of leadership.
-Andrew Hintenach, Hunt Engineers Architects & Land Surveyors

I think this just underscores the effect of letting politicians, especially incumbents, raise campaign funds on a continual basis. Not only do incumbents get steady media exposure, but they can spread their fundraising over four years.
-Libby Ford

I can’t believe that there is no capable Democrat in the Rochester area who will run against Maggie Brooks, especially since registered Democrats outnumber Republicans!
-Nancy Shairer

It is unfortunate that no credible Democratic candidate emerged to run against Ms. Brooks but, in the absence of such a candidate, the Democrats perhaps ought to be commended for not nominating and running a sacrificial lamb who would surely have been underfunded.
-Thomas C. Burke, Osborn, Reed & Burke

I think we should be less concerned about which party will benefit and more concerned about how the politicians plan on benefiting the people. Rochester needs politicians that don’t play partisan games and voters who will look beyond increasingly superficial party lines.
-John Spring

08/03/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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