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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Excluding your own firm, which Rochester company do you admire most?

40% Wegmans Food Markets Inc.
23% Paychex Inc.
8% Paetec Holding Corp.
3% Xerox Corp.
2% Constellation Brands Inc.
24% All other

Poll conducted 7/16 – 7/17


Wegmans is hitting on all cylinders. They attract customers, know what customers want, and treat customers exceedingly well; and we customers keep coming back. They also attract very good employees, train and treat them well, and provide good wages and benefits; and the employees respond with extraordinary service to customers. Third, Wegmans is an exemplar of good citizenship in our community, contributing to the welfare of all in so many ways.
-Don Adair, Adair Law Firm LLP

Paychex was an innovator in a new level of business service, grew on a very fast pace and has expanded past our local area. Its owner is active in developing a better economy for our area on many different levels.
-Gary Kone, FTT Manufacturing Inc.

(Paetec chief) Arunas Chesonis knows how to create an environment in which all feel respected and trusted. As a result, he has a staff that is dedicated to achieving the corporate goals.
-Robert D. Vance

The leadership of Ann Mulcahy, Ursula Burns and their team has been the key to (Xerox’s) recovery and potential for future growth.
-Sandra L. Frankel, supervisor, Town of Brighton

07/20/07 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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