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Daily Report Snap Poll results

What is your opinion of the state Legislature’s overall performance in the recently concluded legislative session?
0% Strongly approve
10% Approve
47% Disapprove
43% Strongly Disapprove

What is your opinion of the Rochester-area delegation’s overall performance in the recently concluded legislative session?

2% Strongly approve
30% Approve
44% Disapprove
24% Strongly Disapprove

Poll conducted 6/25 – 6/26/07


Despite the governor’s landslide victory and what the New York Times called “a mandate to reform a chronically dysfunctional state government,” the Legislature, with its fortress-mentality, continues to ignore the will of the voters and to avoid true reform. The local delegation, by itself, cannot wrest control from the “leadership”-and neither can the governor. We will continue to drift and wallow until Albany is fixed-what’s it gonna take?
-Andy Vaughan

Upstate New York remains the lowest priority for both the state Legislature and the governor. How many bills pertaining to upstate were left on the legislative floor when it adjourned for summer recess? Too many to count!! … Priorities will not actually change until our local representatives take a strong and united stand against the downstate legislators. And if they are unwilling or unable to take a stand, we will replace them with candidates who will.
-Chris Fridd, city of Rochester resident

Unfortunately, as long as Bruno and Silver are in office, there will be no real change or progress in Albany.
-Rick Corey, OpticsProfessionals LLC

7/6/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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