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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

What is your opinion of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s overall performance in his first six months as governor?

14% Strongly approve
44% Approve
32% Disapprove
10% Strongly disapprove

What is your opinion of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s performance in the area of upstate economic revitalization?

6% Strongly approve
36% Approve
37% Disapprove
21% Strongly disapprove

Poll conductd 6/25-6/26


The governor needs to stay the course, be strong and continue to promote and stand by his vision. The rest of the legislators need to serve the taxpaying citizens by carrying out our wants and wishes. The government does NOT exist to promote their own agendas. By the people, for the people! Bruno is NOT the governor and should be serving the will of the people, not his own agenda. If everyone would realize the power of the vote, we could fix this ourselves.
-Lou Romano, Romold Inc.

When Gov. Spitzer was elected I held high hopes for some changes in Albany. What I continue to see is same old, same old. Even though the governor has attempted to create some changes, he continues to be stymied by the old school New York State political machine.
-Greg Reynolds

Spitzer promised reform. What we got was a re-enforcement of the good old boy cronyism, union-dominated politics that have plagued New York State for half a century. If the Senate flips Democratic, Heaven help us. The only solution is a constitutional convention and a rewrite of state law, upstate to secede from the New York peacefully and form a separate state, or open revolution.
-Jim Weisbeck, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

6/29/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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