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Workers express more confidence

Worker confidence in New York rebounded in May, reaching its highest level in more than six months, a Harris Interactive Inc. report for Spherion Corp. shows.
The New York Employment Report shows employee confidence climbed 5.1 points to 58.9 last month from 53.8 in April and was up from 55.2 a year ago. Some 21 percent of respondents said the economy was getting stronger, up from 13 percent in April, while 34 percent said there was no change in the economy, compared with 40 percent in April. Forty-five percent of workers said the economy was weakening, down slightly from 47 percent in April.
Some 26 percent of workers statewide said there were more jobs available, up from 17 percent in April. Thirty-nine percent said job availability had not changed last month, compared with 40 percent in April. Another 35 percent said there were fewer jobs last month, down from 43 percent in April.
Workers’ confidence in their ability to find a new job improved to 61 percent in May from 49 percent in April. Twelve percent of respondents were not confident of their ability to find a job last month, down from 17 percent in April.
Some 65 percent of workers felt confident in the future of their current employer, compared with 70 percent in April. Seven percent lacked confidence in the future of their employer last month, down from 10 percent in April.
Some 12 percent of workers statewide said it was likely they would lose their job, compared with 9 percent in April. Seventy-seven percent said it was unlikely they would lose their job, compared with 79 percent in April.
“In May, the confidence index reached its highest level in the past eight months, and there are many positive signs in our report, especially in the areas regarding the economy and job market,” said Rich Mazelsky, regional vice president of Spherion staffing services, adding that workers should have plenty of opportunities to find a new job. “Despite signs of an economic slowdown, employers in New York are continuing to add full-time and flexible workers to their payrolls at a steady pace, and we expect this trend to continue throughout the summer.”
Spherion’s monthly employment report is based on data collected online from more than 230 workers in New York. The report measures job security, job transition and employee confidence.

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