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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

How much has the Internet changed the way you do business?

73% – very much
23% – somewhat
4% – not very much
0% – not at all

Today, what percentage of your annual revenues is generated online?

46% – less than 10%
20% – 10%-24%
13% – 25%-49%
13% – 50%-74%
9% – 75% or more

In general, how important do you think the Internet is to the future of your business?

79% – very important
18% – somewhat important
2% – not very important
0% – not at all important


My business, a chain of eBay drop-off stores, could not exist without the Internet. For that matter, eBay itself, a company that became one of the largest in the world within a few short years, would not exist.
-Stuart Dizak, eAuction Traders

We are a paragraph factory, producing legal documents for small and midsize companies. We communicate all day long with clients and other lawyers by e-mailing drafts and final documents. We work with clients anywhere in the world. We even talk live with them using VOIP. Today keyboarding and Web mastery are required skills for business lawyers.
-Don Adair, Adair Law Firm, LLP

6/15/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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